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Pete Lawrence - 17 Feb 2020


That was quite a weekend!  Here are a few reflections from the Winter Gathering the results of the 2020 Vision Makers challenge and my photo gallery (scroll to bottom of the page - best viewed full-screen on laptop).

As the two days unfolded and new connections were made, conversations flowed and covered all manner of subjects.

I love the idea of getting together on the cusp of winter into spring - it provides the ideal opportunity to compare notes and feelings, find common ground and dig deep for new paradigms, new sources of hope and change. 

You can watch all the 2020 Vision makers pitches here

I'd like to pour out thanks in abundance - to the team who made this crazy conceptualisation of mine a reality - special thanks to @Andie Brazewell, @LAURIE PYNE, and @Sarah Jewell for their central roles in the organisation and to @Tim Jones and @Julie Horsley for their invaluable support especially this week.

Over the two days at Frome's Bennett Centre, we shared joy, reflection, connection, community, sparks, fire, enlightenment, co-creation, music, singing, poetry, participation, entertainment, fun, words, feelings, shivers down the spine, delicious food, visions, hopes and ideas in abundance. And we rounded off the weekend with an amazing Campfire Live with music and poetry from @Liv Torc, @Steve Thorp   Boudicca's Child and @Beth Salmon who received a richly-deserved standing ovation for her first gig!

The afternoon singing sessions, led by @Sarah Jewell and Dusk Assembly were revelatory and did much much more than bring people together in movement and song. For me, they mapped out what felt like a new template for inclusive music performance that toggled more traditional performance with a level of participation that opens the door to a groundbreaking live music connection experience that has emotional resonance. Credit indeed to Sarah for pitching this exactly right and in the context of a building that has served as a church it was all the more powerful.

Together we are strong and beautiful. It's time to Go Forward and be the change.

Results of 2020 Vision Makers Frome as voted by Campfire Convention attendees


 @Ben Gray  A project, combining cultural and economic initiatives, to create “Frome Forest” – a community owned, bio-diverse, rich land resource, including a community owned farm with rewilding, permaculture, learning & community wellbeing at its heart. 


 @Bill Palmer  The proposal is for the creation of a web resource (which operates along the same lines at a dating website!) for connecting those who have skills and knowledge to share into contact with those who would like to learn.  


@Jules Ellison Continuing the great work of Polly Higgins, this develops a new toolkit for the Earth Protector Community to explore how ecocide has impacted on the way we live and work.  Offering tools and techniques to enable individuals, organisations and communities to protect and regenerate earth. 


@inez aponte  A website aimed at 14-18 year olds, that unpacks and uncovers the facts behind the way we live, work, exchange and organize. Shining a light on the hidden impact of the way we all choose to live and work, in the process providing signposts and pathways to alternatives.


@Beth Salmon  A converted bus, that will tour the UK, (including home school communities, festivals, rural areas) offering live music and arts events around campfires, with storytelling, singing, dancing and the space for communities to connect.  

Read the pitches in full in our 2020 Vision Makers Project

Campfire will be lighting the flame for 2020 Vision Makers at Union Chapel, London on Sunday 31st. Programme and details available soon.

Check out the programme here for the Frome Winter Gathering


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