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Pete Lawrence - 24 Feb 2020


Change comes from innovation and the putting forward of new social ideas. Here is the film of all 13 pitches - The Campfire Community's selection for the 2020 Vision Makers challenge who have each put forward their unique genius and were selected to represent an exciting range of new social innovation at Campfire's 'Spark The Change - Design The Future'  Winter Gathering over the weekend of February 15/16 in Frome. 

Featured, in order :

Ben Gray - Frome Forest Project (most upvoted)

Bill Palmer - Knowledge Shareshop (second most upvoted)

Jules Ellison – Earth Protectors Quest (third most upvoted)

Inez Aponte – Crazy Beautiful World

Beth Salmon – Campfire HiVibe Magic Hope Bus

Cate Gray – Daily Rhythms: body clock, sleep, wellbeing

Lucy Wills – SHINE – Better Creative Health & Wellbeing

Victoria Whelan – Dodo Circus & the Doomsday Disco

Bruford Low – Co-Housing – A Vision for a Sustainable Community

Tanya Dawson and Mixmaster Morris – Ambient Avalon : Chillalot

Geoff Greentree – Calendar Room

Vicki Burke – PIPPA Project

Jeremy Pearce – Campfire Vegetarian/Vegan Product Range

Thanks to Joe Hulbert and Jez Le Fevre for filming and editing


The detailed written pitches are all in the 2020 Vision Makers Project (click below)




George Scott

All of these pitches were great! How can I contact Geoff Green-tree? I would love to hear learn more about the Calander Room.

I wish all the participants success with their visions.

Thank you to all involved in organizing this event. It is such a beautiful way to dream in these wonderful ideas together. It was a lovely weekend

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