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Pete Lawrence - 13 Mar 2020


Campfire Convention is taking what we consider to be the only logical and responsible step as we prepare to reframe and reschedule our Little Chill summer event, originally planned for the weekend of June 19-21 in Somerset. We will be looking at Campout 2020 (August 5-9th) too and announcing further plans as they become clearer.

We have taken tickets off sale for the moment though we ask ticket holders to bear with us until things become clearer in the coming days. Whatever happens, we are planning to offer something special where people can still come together, even if it's online at first and a face-to-face event whether we are able to contemplate doing that.

Tickets will be valid for whatever shape or form the events take and meanwhile we are busy looking into how we develop online broadcasting for the Campfire community. There is a monumental reframing going on at a collective level and we are looking at how best to not only reflect this but also play our part in leading this.

At a time such as now, the sense of community has never been more important.

Campfire's Founder and Firestarter Pete Lawrence says "The moral imperative is clear for all to see, even if our own government are still not taking it on board. It's my view that they have missed their chance to be proactive. They're also rapidly missing their chance to be reactive in any way that will minimise risk. Cancelling or re-thinking all gatherings is the sensible way to flatten the curve and stand any chance of reducing the huge impact on our health care service and the element of risk to the more vulnerable people in our society. I would urge anyone considering any public gathering this summer, whether indoor or outdoor, to completely re-think their plans for the good of all. It's a fundamental invitation to re-think everything. Are we responsible enough to meet the challenge? "

"Even if it were possible to go ahead by mid-summer, the nature of the event would be so influenced by new mores around social distancing that it would make it unrecognisable from the usual tactile, open-hearted nature of our events. That would not be going ahead in the right spirit. The world has been turned upside down in a few weeks and no one really is able to get a handle on how this will play out yet ."

"It's hard to see any benefits in what is happening now although many believe that the path we were heading down was unsustainable. There is already much suffering and pain for many and a significant reduction of our global resources in all senses, but that shake up offers a call to greatness for those of us who are here and an invitation to step into new ways and paradigms." 

"Many peoples' dreams will be shattered this summer. We have to be compassionate and face up to 'what is' as opposed to 'what if' in the context of timelines, which are collapsing and becoming meaningless. Whilst we can we be envisaging new opportunities for the autumn, the world will be a very different place by then and when we get a point where we sense all may be clear, that is moment to reassess whether and how to start regrouping."

"It's also more clear than ever that we have to make decisions from a place of love, not from a place of service to self."

All ticket holders for The Little Chill and Campout 2020 are offered a rollover of their tickets to the restaging date (announcement as soon as we are able to)





tom sharp

'Tickets will be valid for whatever shape or form the events take'...
- i hope you are not suggesting that an 'online' festival would equate to not refunding our tickets?


Pete Lawrence

We have no idea when, where or how anything will shake down at the moment @tom sharp. Just asking folks to bear with us until things become clearer. I would hope we may be able to offer an online 'festival' of sorts for free for ticket holders as well as carrying over all tickets to the physical staging...

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