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Campfire Voice - 04 Apr 2020


As spring moves in, we are all facing a year unlike any other. No one is able to predict what is around the corner at this moment. Like everyone else, we are already wondering how we will survive the next few months and what the world will then look like.

Campfire was well-positioned to end summer 2020 with a surplus of around £30k if it had sold out its two events (which it was on course to do). We hoped to build on the success of last years Little Chill and Campout fundraisers to offer part-time employment to our developers (who are working on a complete reconfiguration of the Campfire website) as well as covering essential operating costs. Whilst there is potential for online versions of our events (which we are exploring along with all kinds of online community offerings), we, like many others, are facing a time without any income at all, other than the small number of new subscriptions and your generous support via donations.

We are also reflecting on how much we have achieved together here at Campfire Convention and would like to thank you for being a part of our community and for all your support in helping to take Campfire from a spark of an idea to a flame that is starting to burn brightly.

We have a vision to join the dots between people, ideas and concepts and to look for the common ground by creating an ecosystem made up of individuals and communities who are working for the conscious transformation that we all know in our hearts is starting to happen. Suddenly, this vision has been brought into fast forward motion whilst at the same time we are in a state of conscious confinement; paradoxically there is a sense of life changing moment by moment as we stand in stillness and anticipation.

The reason we are writing this is because we need your support. As a community we are all in this together.

We need your help as the need for an authentic, conscious voice has rarely been more urgent in these transformative times.

We need your help to continue the work we have started in creating a friendly, conscious community-based social network.  

We see this as a co-creation. A reunification of our intentions and an opportunity for you to be in service to our community at a time that is a rite of passage for humanity.

Can you make a contribution?

At Campfire we are agile in our response to change.  Stage 2 of the online website upgrade is happening as we reach and connect with a wide range of individuals, groups and communities. Doing things that will benefit people and planet and create a new paradigm model for a new future is our priority.


Once the online platform is updated - scheduled for June - the many amazing ideas and collaborations we have been co-creating can come to fruition, so that Campfire can grow organically thrive as part of the wider human family.

Your contribution will really make a difference right now.

We would love you to make a contribution.  

Perhaps the money you might have saved by not buying an Easter Egg?

Perhaps the money you are saving by not having a take out coffee?

Give a gift this Easter that will truly keep paying forward. 



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