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Campfire Voice - 06 Apr 2020


Campfire's Easter Festival - Broadcasting From Home


Campfire is trialling Zoom as a host for a pilot online festival on Easter Saturday.  

This won't be about slick broadcasting or seamless mixes, more a chance to try out new and evolving software for a small invited audience, so that we can repeat the formula if it goes well.

The plan is to kick off around breakfast time next Saturday and go right through the day on a Zoom URL, invite guests, musicians, poets, panellists, have open discussions and follow our inspiration with whatever pops up.

Register here (it's free)

Campfire Founder and Firestarter Pete Lawrence says "We've been having fun with a couple of sessions since lockdown started and they have been found to be very worthwhile for those who attended so we will be exploring more next Saturday. I will attempt to anchor the day's programming using the DJay Pro 2 app. It seems to work quite well through Zoom as you can share good quality direct audio as well as visuals. So there will be a degree of chopping and changing as we move through different phases - from audio visual set to Campfire TV for films, through more typical Zoom open discussions to more magazine format presentation. Some parts will work better than others but we'd like to start moving towards regular broadcasts in time for a new site upgrade in June and this seems like the right time to start as people are searching for connection and entertainment tailored to their needs and interests.  Those who came to Campout or the Winter Gathering may be interested in chipping in with their unique talents, whether it's ideas, music, poetry, meditation, singing, or sharing wisdom and inspiration."

"We would also like to hear about how life In The time of coronavirus is for you. If you'd like send a paragraph summing up how you are adapting, picking up one or two things that have surprised or inspired you - or to do an audio recording and send that in, we will be featuring your reactions next weekend." 

Draft schedule:

@Julie Horsley is exploring ideas for the Lighthouse For Learning Campfire University and she will be inviting discussions through the afternoon around the rebalancing process and modern-day rituals. "It's about rebalancing the masculine and feminine energies, its about polarities, its about reunification. Easter week is symbolic, there's a much greater thing happening in the world than has ever happened at this time. It's epochal. This is the Easter beyond all Easters. There will also be a discussion around what people would like to see and can offer around the Lighthouse." 

Zoom, along with other recent apps such as Houseparty, has had its critics but this article from The Observer's Networker column by John Naughton gives a fair overview, though once again Facebook's data grabbing seems to have reared its head again here. The app has used by many, including the government for recent meetings and communications and Campfire has been using it for a couple of years as its de facto online communication tool.

There will be no charge for the Easter event though attendees (and all others!) are warmly invited to donate to Campfire's appeal, launched last weekend. 



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