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Pete Lawrence - 07 Apr 2020


I have discovered a new rhythm.

I am with Julie. We came together in perfect time.

In the last month we have spent all hours, day and night, with each other.

New revelations, new directions, new beginnings.

Our love is born of light and liberation. 

Our confinement a grand correction. A recalibration.

A freedom in co-creation.

A reunion with nature.

I love the quiet, the calm, the sounds of nature, the birdsong..

I sit in silence and listen for the truth.

I have work to do. As a liberator of channelled ideas, of new paradigms.

Much inner work to do and I have time to fully listen to myself.

To meditate in the stillness.

A kaleidoscope of moments - places and people bubble up at random times.

I give thanks and gratitude to all.

The ability to remember, to honour and just be.

To be in service to our planet.

To learn about myself, to see clearly.

To greet the elementals and nature spirits all around.

To love and embrace them.

As spring bursts into life, its intoxicating bedazzlement of colour and blossom.

I cry for all humanity,  The sheer beauty of being in each moment.

The 3D world is dense, cynical, scornful, profiteering. 

The New World will naturally create the space and the light.

How could we ever go back?  

Back to what I ask?

To the 'normal' that was madness, the overload, the excess, the strangulation.

This wake up call to stop, to regroup, to breathe again.

To learn to ride the bear, this cunning scallywag of a honey badger virus...

Rather than to declare war on it.

To learn to breathe in all the air. Fill our lungs. Hold the space.

Feel the sense of all-envelloping freshness in the air. 

To watch the unfolding of the night skies.

The huge pink moon hovering over the hill.

I am up at all hours. Time melts and merges.

Many are not able to do such a simple and beautiful thing as breathe now.

I grieve for those suffering and know they are supported.

I am out for an hour. As I walk, my attention is distracted.

I follow the light, I climb the steps -  to a new vista, a new elevation.

Ascending a secret path of creation that leads me home.

I have discovered a new rhythm.









Katherine Lucy Sang

So beauty x


Pascale Barrett


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