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Pete Lawrence - 24 Apr 2020


On the power of giving and goodwill

Back in January this year (wow that seems like eons ago) I posted an article asking “How can you help Campfire?”. This was originally prompted by a conversation that had highlighted how some people believe that we're a fully functioning company with quite a few employees. The truth is that Campfire is still volunteer-led with me working pretty much round the clock with my laptop supported by a handful of devoted volunteers, friends and occasional contributors to our online platform, funds and events. This wide array of gifted individuals is too numerous to mention here – just to say I’m hugely grateful to all of you – past and present. It is this fractal energy of goodwill that is so precious. It creates an abundance that is very much more powerful than scales of profitability. It reaches outwards in ever-increasing ripples that influence the wider collective through synchronicity and word of mouth.

In lockdown, we’ve been similarly grateful to, amongst others, our technical/development circle which has been very active, with Robin, our technical, software/systems wizard, and Tim (developer and server host) working to address challenges around the maintenance and security of the existing Campfire website.  Robin is working almost full-time to support the Campfire web upgrade with myself and Darran who is weaving his design magic into the look and feel of the new upgraded website.

In lockdown, we’ve had amazing support from Campfirers in our Ethos circle (Charly, Chris, Helen) and others who’ve contributed to a review and refresh of the Campfire Ethos and Values (now featured and “live” on the website).

In lockdown, we’ve found space to reflect on how we move forward. It feels like a cocooning. An opportunity for metamorphosis. What do we, as a community, want to birth while the old paradigm way of thinking and being is rupturing right in front of our eyes? This is an invitation to organise ourselves into a more synthesised way of being.

We appreciate the participation, nurturing and conversations during our virtual coffee mornings, our virtual pub events and the recent Easter gathering. As Julia mentioned recently in one of our experimental on-line gatherings, Campfire Convention is creating an ecosystem made up of existing communities working for conscious transformation. We are trailblazing new, powerful (yet peaceful) ways of consciously connecting. We are in a great position with our vision to join the dots and to offer  space where we can all meet each other. We’re already online and offline, agile and ready to offer what feels to be much needed for the new world order that is on everyone’s lips right now.  

There is an uncomfortable transitory era and global mutation underway right now and ultimately, structures and systems built on a foundation of fear and artificial scarcity will, by their very nature, crumble. We are witnessing, day by day, the house of cards as it falls. 

Oscillating between fascination and bewilderment, we find ourselves in this liminal place of containment, peering over what might feel like a never-ending cliff edge that is shifting and mutating in each and every moment. 

NOW is the new normal

In lockdown everything has been brought into sharp focus and is creating a new kind of energetic synergy. There’s a strong whiff of self-organising intelligence in the air. Here at Campfire, we are now exploring new partnership and collaborative opportunities with those trusted individuals and organisations who’re aligned with the ethos and values of our member-led conscious social network and who are also working in service and for social change and in reverence to people and planet.  In this way we can move together in synergy (whereas in the old paradigm we might have wasted energy competing). 

As we all pause and reflect on our purpose and what gives us joy… are there any unexpressed gifts that Campfire community can help you share?

Do you delight in administration/legal/statutory activities? Perhaps you enjoy writing editorial? Do you get a buzz out of beta testing new websites?  Does podcast creation, broadcasting or film-making make you fizz with excitement?

People are increasingly becoming tired of being censored on other social media sites so we’d love to see more active posting on the Campfire website. After all, it’s ideally set up for citizen journalism or sharing articles that inspire you. Would you be able to offer an article or two?

Do you love working with numbers? We would welcome a number-crunching wizard to help us with our accountancy, banking, payments systems and balancing of accounts. Do you have gifts in online streaming and technology? Are you a gifted event organiser? Do you make honey?

Would you like to support our on-line events and gatherings?   Create a lockdown local Beacon. Beacons bring people together at local level to find the common ground, respect the differences, keep the conversation going and then take inspired action to go and play in the world.  It could be just what your local community needs right now. Read how Brighton Beacon got started. Let us know if you'd like to set one up or host a Campfire Conversation.                                    


Could you help us by setting up or joining an existing Circle Team? Some of our Circle teams are not active at the moment. Do any of these Circle Teams catch your eye? You’re welcome to get involved.


We’re also inviting all the wonderful artists, photographers and creatives within the Campfire community to offer any artworks for our growing library of themed stock images that we can use on the website, for articles and to share more widely– each time giving credit to the original creator.

Whilst you’re at home you may like to listen to our Campfire Firecasts or watch some of our Films like  Campout 2019  Extinction Rebellion and much more on Campfire TV.


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