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Campfire Voice - 16 May 2020


We have also created guidelines in the spirit of positive posting after some discussions on our Facebook group

As a result of our Founder and Firestarter Pete Lawrence's post from May 2nd on the group and several regular members leaving the Facebook group because of recent activity and changed tone there, we have looked long and hard at what the purpose and intention of the group is and decided to keep the Facebook group open, with two caveats (thanks Peter Bucknell) PLAY NICELY and BE KIND!  (There is also a Campfire Facebook Page - mainly used for announcements - which is distinct to the discussion group)

Many felt that some posts and some of the comments had started to bear little or no resemblance to the spirit of Campfire Convention and what it is about or has reflected since its inception.

The last thing we want to do here - or there - is to stifle debate - but it needs to be conducted with respect and empathy. And that inevitably means a degree of moderation.

The group had needed no moderation before the past month or so and now the group have had so many things crop up that it feels it has sometimes moved away from the spirit of balanced, responsible posting. Boundaries were breached.

This group follows our ethos and values here on the social network.


These guidelines are in the spirit of positive posting:

‘THINK with COMPASSION before you POST’

THINK = Thoughtful, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind

COMPASSION = Challenging, Optimistic, Mindful, Passionate, Appropriate, Sensitive, Significant, Informative, Objective, Non-personal

POST = Positive, Open-hearted, Stimulating, Truthful


Remember - plant a garden and PLAY NICELY and BE KIND!!


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