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Campfire Voice - 27 May 2020


The sense that people need to touch or be-in-touch with each other, whether physically or emotionally, has never been stronger. To find common ground, recognition of our diversity and to celebrate our unity as human beings on a living planet, we are inviting a call for Beacons to be lit at summer solstice on Saturday 20th June as part of our World Harmony three-day event.

We want to repurpose the lighting of Beacon fires in this country. Often the Beacon fire has been lit to mark events like the Jubilee. For us, at Campfire Convention, they are much more than celebrating royal anniversaries. (In Spring 2018, Campfire floated this idea around Beacons).

The Beacon fire symbolises unity and connection. We want to invite the practice of lighting beacons more often... particularly at the turns of the year. This year we intend to light beacon fires as a sign of unity and harmony at our Summer Solstice event (in our symbolic Orchard space) where we are inviting all our members and participants to light a Beacon fire of whatever shape or size feels right at 20:20 (8:20 pm on Saturday 20th June).

It could be a candle, a barbecue, a fire pit, a log burner, a bonfire or a torch. We can all set sacred space virtually anywhere. It can be in your own garden or somewhere close to where you live, perhaps in the future, on a high place such as the stones Buckland Beacon or at other sacred places around the country when we are out of lockdown. Size doesn't matter; intention is what's important and your intention to light the beacon flame of unity will add to others doing the same across the country.

Even if you can't physically see the next Beacon, there is still a strong sense that we are connecting...

The Orchard will be co-ordinating the Beacons on solstice. If you'd like to get involved or pre-record a mini feature / film for this space we'd love to hear from you.

We would love to see your photographs and films and hear about your experiences. 

In Spring 2018, Campfire floated this idea to prospective Beacon firestarters:

"We are inviting our members to light Beacons simultaneously across the UK and around the world to come together and join hands. On June 21, the summer solstice, each Beacon is offering to make a pledge for how they wish to make the world a better place. If it works, we could to repeat this formula at every seasonal solstice and equinox celebration. 

The solstice and equinox Beacons are a timely reminder that we need to put the planet first and look at correcting imbalances and polarities in terms of how we co-exist productively and harmoniously. We can learn from the ancients’ belief that the sun was a reflection of the light within everyone. Spring and autumn equinoxes are moments of total equality for all mankind and the solstice celebrations bring us peak light and maximum darkness.

The Beacon concept began late last year, bringing communities together face-to-face so they could identify areas for change and put plans into action or just be together and get to know their neighbours. Setting up a Beacon is easy. Here are some guidelines and areas for potential focus for social change initiatives. The Beacons emerged in response to people wanting to talk about our rapidly evolving world and the changes we face - from local to global - as well as wanting real action, the opportunity to carry ideas forward and to facilitate change. 

Like a traditional campfire gathering, the web manifestation of 'community' encourages members to tell their story, celebrate song, discuss issues of the day, explore new possibilities, start a movement, showcase work and ideas, formulate a campaign, start an ongoing dialogue, or step into their own sovereignty.  People have celebrated the changing seasons for thousands of years but not combined these occasions with practical solutions for social change.



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