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Pete Lawrence - 24 Jun 2020



Campfire Convention staged its first foray to do an online festival-style gathering over the summer solstice weekend to promote unity and harmony. WORLD HARMONY was a new adventure for us, prompted by Covid's effects putting on hold our planned summer events which led to new directions and online connections. Positive and harmonious feedback is still coming in with around 10000 viewers / listeners from 60 countries. Truly a 'worldwide' event.

The event was created by a very small team who came together in the last few weeks. It was spontaneous co-creation at its very best.

We are aiming to put some highlights up as soon as possible. View the programme PDF and check the event website 

Some reactions:

"It was fantastic to feel camaraderie among friends, peers, and influences alike. I felt the warmth of your good campfire hearts all through the weekend. So nice to share this experience with all of you. Thank you for all doing your best to make something special in the face of this ongoing uncertainty. Love from Canada!"    Don Verbrilli

"It was a class act from start to finish, well put-together production, from the build up by yourself and featured artists and contributors, to the presentation online and ease of access to users.The colour coding for different rooms of streaming were well thought out, but how the streams were either accessible simply by playing directly or via Twitch, all those watching valued being in contact with the artists It was a class act Pete, from start to finish, well put together production, from the build up by yourself and featured artists and contributors, to the presentation online and ease of access to users. Thinking my only issue was wishing it lasted longer, but we can’t all have our cake and eat it eh?  As it worked so well, you’ve set the framework for future festivals to be accessible to those that can’t necessarily be at the actual event, be it sickness, disabilities or even being overseas, or for whatever reason, this allows others to be there virtually now, obviously at a reduced rate, but Well done to all involved, it was excellent"  Matthew Gibbons

"Loved it! Thank you!"  Kristen Lindop

"Superb - more events than I could ever have enjoyed over a single weekend! A sensory feast. I personally received a lot from Jason Hine's rituals, which worked superbly despite limitations of the medium. The Little Chill music was delightful, I am now exploring the music of the new names I discovered. Really elegant, accessible tech, too. Thank you !"   Lucy Lepchani

"Many thanks. I particularly enjoyed the Twitch format, which allowed for a sense of presence from participants" Hillegonda Rietveld 

"Proud to have been a part of this, it was a special weekend" Steven Radford

"It was brilliant. Thank you to you and all involved bringing this together - thoroughly talented bunch and such a lovely vibe" Ruari Cormack

"Wonderful event from what I saw, thank you so much" Jadzia Koproska

"I dipped in and out all weekend and enjoyed the chat, the videos and the music. Well done everyone. It worked fantastically well" Adrian Hannay

"Congratulations. Was on the move but caught some lovely moments over the weekend. Thank you"  David Pope

"Big chill, little chill, massive chill, whatever...THE one and only Chill! Thrilled to bits as always to be part of it, felt that the Chill belongs to all of us thanks to Pete once again gathering a team of adorable competent people setting the stage and allowing us to do our thing. Oh I get so emotional after so many years being part of one of the best events music has to offer. The REUNION in the chat room was priceless! we never ceased to be together and it showed! It's odd as we all were isolated from each other yet together as one. I felt the festival vibe full on. Music and visuals blasting through my house, sometimes making me dream and forget everything and sometimes making me dance like my feet are in the grass and my head in the clouds! I like the new format a lot: it has given artists the possibility of offering their art in a way not before possible (I think of pre-recorded video here, arts trail anyone?), not to a large crowd but to many individuals in total intimacy. The experience was a new one, communual AND private at the same time, with jokes and laughter shared simultaneously in the chat room rolling out friend's names for days... The quality of the music 'presented' was super high with no compromise and true personalities shining through, as ever a massive Chill trademark. I enjoyed all of it, felt totally part of it, slept with it, woke up to it, lived it intensely:) Little me on my own in my house had an enormous festival experience! Thank you to all that made it, I love you!"  Laura B

"Great! I loved everything I saw from wonderful conversations in the campfire area , loved Mixmaster Morris set, Egg was superb, Dr Trippy was cosmic ,Bruce great as ever and my highlight was the AV show Holotronica." Brian Glover

" joYous  

WE had so much FUN.. 
feeling high as a kite..
And so uP for co-creating the NEW paradigm..
On Our beloved planet Earth.. 

WE can do this people"   Julia Palmer-price

"Really enjoyed everything I saw/heard - admittedly it was the Little Chill music throughout Friday and Saturday and it was all brilliant. All power to your elbows"    Michael Bushell

:Absolutely marvellous way to spend drifting in and out all weekend. Even better that I had birthday and father's day rights to the stereo all weekend! Banco de Gaia set it up nicely for me and then I was fully imerssed in the zone for The Egg (who I still thought were playing when The Bays finished! Alucidnation then span me around a few times before setting me adrift and the next thing I knew it was Rob and Alex loosening my joints ready for Norman Jay and Mixmaster Morris. Rob always told me I should come to the Big Chill and now I know why...I would even forsake my annual pilgrimage to Download to widen my horizons and spend some chill time with some very pleasant folks."  Mark Broerse

"Wow! What an awesome weekend in the Zen Den. The hosts, Emma and Mark, were wonderful and the sessions were amazing.  The fun-filled energy of Drum n Bounce to goosebumps from gong baths and music in nature, to my first shamanic journey which totally blew my mind.  I have never experienced anything like it before. Thank you so much to everyone involved in running this, I loved it!".  Sam_starlight1.

"I dipped in and out over the 3 days and really enjoyed what I saw and heard. A couple of things crossed my mind. First, this format should be used post-covid and it effectively means events could be held at any time of the year. Second, could this also be used post-covid but in a way that links real meetings of groups based on Beacons, thus enabling real meet-ups without a 3-day time commitment and a lot of travel?"  Dave Carter

"I hope you do this again next year. It was a great time had by all. We'll be there next year if you do, and would love to play it again! My personal highlights were Holotronica, Mozez, Youth, Kaya Project, Darran P, and alucidnations two sets, so good,... and that's just the The Little Chill room!"  Mark Hjorthoy

"Highlights for me were Drum and Bounce in the Zen Den on Saturday morning, Sophie Bolton then the Bays and Egg on Saturday night, Theo Simon on Sunday. Well done and a huge thanks for a great weekend, only wish I’d had more time to attend more of it but that said it’s a very accessible way to attend a festival when you have kids / caring commitments! The whole thing was very slick, hats off to you"  Claire Hughes

"Congratulations. I have something to learn and full of admiration of how you put all this together ...thank you for allowing Glastonbury Radio 432 to link in for events which proved successful. Wishing the very best of days ahead in gratitude"  Steve Lee

"All the bits I caught were wonderful indeed"  Seb Taylor, Kaya Project

"Brilliant weekend! Everything we came to was wonderful and inspiring"  Angela Ward

"It was brilliant!! No hill, or long walk to car!" Rob Soulfood

"Superior toilets and shower facilities"  Matt Coldrick

"Absolutely loved it Pete and can't wait for better times to do these events in person. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and genuine loving joyful energy that made it happen." Charlotte Seymour

"Controversial, but I think I've enjoyed this festival more at home than in a field...No driving, camping, pre/post prep, lugging gear about, getting a posse together etc....and got to attend loads of talks for the first time since Megatripolis!!! Thank you everyone who made this a reality!"  Ruth Wedgewood 

"Holotronica was so good last night!! Been a massive Hexstatic fan for so long - great to see these legacy guys still involved - loves the visuals so much!!"  Oliver Harris

"Nico de Transilvania - We were just talking about her in the pub: discussing how we can explore and embrace our European traditions, but outside the context of nationalism.. Beautiful!"  Lucy Wills

"Just been down the Campfire pub @ Campfire Circle. What a great idea."  Emma Smallman

Closing blessing and goodnight






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