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Campfire Voice - 02 Jul 2020


Campfire's World Harmony event over summer solstice featured a range of speakers and panels, covering a wide variety of subjects, ranging from designing ethical governance to Building Our Regenerative Future, the Power of Yin to how Covid lockdown has affected The Way We Grieve Now. Jamie Catto, Daniel Pinchbeck, Lynne Franks, Indra Adnan, David Monteith, Theo Simon and others look at where society is headed and how we can effect change and influence its direction. 

Here are the session recordings via Zoom: 

DAVID MONTEITH - Song For My Fathers

David is an Podcast Consultant, Actor/Director/tutor and stillbirth activist. He has 4 ridiculously insane daughters of which 3 are still alive. In this Campfire moment David will explore modern racism through the lens of his ancestral path from his Great great great grandfathers journey from Nigeria as an enslaved boy and show what the fathers from then till now have taught him about living in today's culture “After our daughter died I have spoken at conferences and events all over the world. Raising awareness and changing practice is part of my life and any donations are welcome -"


ANGELA WARD - Touch The Void : The Way We Grieve Now

Stories from the frontline. Angela Ward is a Funeral Director and Celebrant. The COVID 19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, especially those who have had to deal with a death and organising a funeral in a lockdown situation. Their completely unique experiences and stories have shone a light into the often shadowy and private world of death and dying, offering us a chance to really understand what is important- not just about ritual and ceremony, but ultimately, what it means to be human. What gives our lives a sense of purpose? What is it that really matters to us? What are some of the ways we have adapted to a truly unprecedented crisis? What do the grieving really need for support? And what can we take forward as learning into our attitudes to death and dying in the west?

Featurning guests Sue Brayne, Jane Morgan and Grace Hanna-Griffiths.

DANIEL PINCHBECK - Building Our Regenerative Future

We can embrace the challenges of this time as an initiation. The only sensible goal is to engineer a transformation of society toward the ideal of a regenerative system, where all of our work supports the health of the biosphere.

PATRICK ANDREWS - A New Story Of Business

Corporations have grown to the point where they influence almost every aspect of our lives. Yet they built on old stories of homo economicus, masculine superiority and organisations as machines, and are ill-equipped to cope with a changing world. It is time for a new story. In this session Patrick Andrews, lawyer, facilitator and activist, will share his thoughts on a new story for business.

INDRA ADNAN - The Politics of Waking Up

Campfire's World Harmony summer solstice 2020 Some would say we’ve been in a revolution for 20 years - ever since the birth of the internet, we’ve had more access to information, to each other and to mobilisation. But the Covid crisis seems to have accelerated everything. Is the prolonged lock down making more of us open to the sufferings of others? What happens when everyone wakes up to the wrongs of the past? When everyone begins to get a sense of their own agency? Indra Adnan, Founder of The Alternative UK, shares the learning after three years (plus three decades) of designing for this moment.


THEO SIMON - Building Unity Trust and Consensus

Covid19 revealed our deep solidarity and kindness. But it’s also brought into focus the inequalities, confusions and divisions which come into play whenever we try to act with common purpose. In the past these fault lines have sabotaged all attempts at lasting system change. We can now see how, in a public emergency, they could even undermine our very survival. I’ll look at what these fault lines are, how they are exploited by hostile forces, and why we can be relied on - even without manipulation - to endlessly fall out with each other. As children of capitalism, I think we’ve all been trained in habits of division and disconnection - in some places as oppressors and exploiters, in others as victims. If we want to survive and thrive through the emergencies ahead, it’s now our task to find the revolutionary habits which help us hear each other’s needs, create resilient solidarity, and pre-emptively shut down the drivers of disunity within us and around us.

GAYNOR O'FLYNN - 'Learning to Embrace Change'

Change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, everywhere and everything changes. The environment, the weather, the economy, technology, society, culture, your friends, your family, your beliefs and your body, everything. For some change means adventure and opportunity, for some fear, worry, risk and loss. We will explore how we can work with change as a tool to grow and evolve, personally, spiritually and professionally and the liberating power of embracing change.

JAMIE CATTO - The Power of Yin

Campfire's World Harmony summer solstice 2020  Opening session for our Campfire Conversations space with Jamie who facilitates professional, personal and creative breakthroughs, drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and music.. Our mission is to make self-reflection hip enough to save us from ourselves. We believe that by collectively acknowledging our insanity and our deepest darkest shadows, we can learn how to work with it to tackle global crisis by channelling our energy into action for the world rather than using it all up on fighting ourselves.

Lynne Franks, Jo Berry and Sue Shelbourn-Barrows - Bringing feminine wisdom into community transformation - Circles, compassion & change

In this time of planetary change at every level, it will be small circles or pods of women who will take a leadership role from the grass roots, working within their communities to develop a new circular economy based on share, barter, ‘give’ and co-operation. The pods, which Lynne has designed based on seven feminine archetypes, will share their experiences, wisdom and stories with other communities, creating a grid of connection inspired by sacred geometry. Join Lynne, conflict resolution expert Jo Berry and Sue Shelbourn-Barrows, Mayor of Wincanton to discuss how you too can create a Pod of Seven in your community.

PETER MACFADYEN - Reclaiming Politics

Our political systems are designed to maintain oligarchy. This is a catastrophic disaster for us all and for the planet. Given only a short and limited time to act, what is the best chance for change? What can we as individuals do to make a difference both in terms of the system and to help prepare us for the inevitable breakdown that is ahead? At the heart of this short talk is ‘global and local’. The premise that change as individuals and as local communities to sufficient scale, can lead to change at national and international scale.

Jonathan Leighton, Matt Hawkins, Patrick Chalmers, Louise Caldwell - Designing ethical governance

The coronavirus crisis has not only further revealed our vulnerability to existential threats but heightened the awareness that our governments cannot be trusted to govern ethically. Policies are not designed to protect the most vulnerable from harm, and telling the truth is often viewed as optional. What kind of institutional mechanisms can ensure that we are governed with compassion and competence far into the future? Our panellists will discuss a few aspects of these issues, including the ethical basis of governance, making existing structures more compassionate, and the use of citizens’ assemblies for cooperative, informed decision-making. 



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