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Pete Lawrence - 24 Aug 2020


Would you like to join Campfire’s team?

Campfire is a voluntary organisation, building community and prioritising collective interests over personal interests and working for positive social change.
At this stage in our evolution we are exploring ideas around some key skills and roles that we need to develop so we’re inviting new people to join the team.
Do you know anyone who might be interested and suitable for these roles, who might be looking for experience and an opportunity to be part of our community? Inspired by our first digital intern, we are keen to extend opportunities to gifted young people who are looking for work experience in these areas too.

For young people who have recently graduated and want to be part of a far-sighted, inspiring and conscious network, this is a chance to put your learning to great use. All welcome. 

Mentoring will be provided.

1 Developer and Technical wizard (Software development).  A key role in the upgrade and simplification of our social media platform. We are also looking for someone who has skills in app creation and development.

2 Editor / Archivist.  In particular, sorting and curating recorded content from our World Harmony events every solstice and equinox (will work in conjunction with programming of future events and development of the Campfire TV concept -

3 International coordinator. Our summer solstice World Harmony event reached 10000 viewers across 60 different countries. Our vision is to light Beacons at solstices and equinoxes across the world and we are already receiving interest from different locations. We are looking for someone who would like to work with us on developing a global grid that links the diversity of international connection and feeds into our platform.

4 Outreach Co-ordinator. Letting people know what we are up to, social media, broadcast media, press. Spreading the word and co-ordinating our social media campaigns around World Harmony events.


5 Presenter. We are looking for a presenter for our Campfire Conversations channel for forthcoming World Harmony events - see

6. Admin Assistant. We always need admin help, whether it’s accounts, book-keeping, mailing lists, newsletters, ticketing.

Anything else you fancy doing that we haven't thought of yet?

These positions aren't location specific but can be done from home.

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