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Julie Horsley - 20 Sep 2020


We can prepare to optimally balance energies by starting from within. Embrace each moment. It's all in our own hands.

The Autumn equinox is all about balance which seems to be something we need to call in more of in these weird and wonderful times.  We are all in the midst of a collective experience that is offering us an opportunity to re-examine what we want from our lives and the society in which we live.  Each of us has a story to tell and the world is sharing in one collective, connected experience.  We are all electro-magnetic, elemental, energetic beings intertwined and interconnected with each other, with natural rhythms, our planetary cycles and beyond. Honouring this connection, we can each prepare (we are now in the harmonic convergence gateway to the Equinox) by asking ourselves questions about our lives that can then, in many ways, pay it forward to assist with heart coherence and collective balance.  

Questions like:

Where are you out of balance? Mind, body, soul, your work (busy-ness), relationship with others or with nature and the nonhuman world?  Any tiny improvements have a ripple effect.

Where might you be feeling out of alignment with your heart's desires and what makes your soul sing?  What can you do in preparation for this powerful energy convergence and amplification that can take you a step closer to that which lights you up in a fully embodied way?

Where is duality or judgment of what is happening in the world today and with others creating an imbalance of the "scales" in one direction or another?  The dominant paradigm and its systems are cracking, dismantling and dis-assembling so if we can simply observe, notice, become the "witness" then we retain clarity of what is arising. 

If you have felt drawn into drama, judgment or debate or judgement of yourself, then the next few days are a great opportunity to re-set and reclaim the balance within with levity, with a feather-light heart and to become centred and present as we all receive the influx of Equinox energies in peace, love and harmony.  After all, it is just one big cosmic joke... isn't it?

So the invitation is to light a beacon fire for the Autumn Equinox and consider what you offer to the fire about your story and about balance. The Autumn Equinox peaks around 2:30 pm on Tuesday, 22nd September, 2020.



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