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Julie Horsley - 29 Sep 2020


With the coronacoaster of a year that we are experiencing and the extraordinary changes to everyone's lives, have you wondered how can we co-create a new reality?  A new reality that empowers everyone with unending possibilities.

With the coronacoaster of a year that we are experiencing, with the extraordinary changes to everyone's lives, have you wondered how can we co-create a new reality?  A new reality that empowers everyone with unending possibilities.  Where the peaceful become powerful and the powerful become peaceful? Do you ever wonder how that might feel?  What it might be like to live that way? To move out of survival/scarcity mode and into mind self mastery and fully embodied presence and awareness?  It is said that one of the hardest roads to travel is from the head to the heart.  I agree.  It is THE WORK as is breaking free from the shackles and chains of conditioning and honing our emotional intelligence. 

So much of our reality was dreamed or imagined into being.  We see this in prophetic books and movies.  We just have to look at what visionary creatives envisioned in times gone by. We might call them the past Avatars. Pioneers who took steps to move out of their minds and to embrace a different way of being.  So just in the same way, creative minds dreamt the internet into being (which I still feel was our left brain attempting unity and oneness), this film explores potential for a new reality that calls us to embrace our, what we could describe as our own innernet.  It addresses how humans dreamed devices into being and sure, the device has served a purpose as a stepping stone to show us what we are really capable of (everything outside of us is simply a reflection) and yet without mind self-mastery and individual responsibility, the mobile phone has become our reality and these devices limit our natural ability to be telepathic, to truly connect human to human.  They divert attention from practising this innate skill (how many of us have been thinking about someone and they call or we bump into them unexpectedly - that is a form of telepathic projection that occurs when our filters of perception relax and things are in flow?).  So when humans became more telepathic but still don't have self mastery of our minds, we allowed the mobile phone to become our sweet dopamine hit of reality.  I invite you to let that sink in for a minute. 

We are all responsible for everything we create, for our thoughts and actions.  The shift we need is an expansion of our reality that will, in turn, shift the consciousness to move out of a limited, device obsessed reality.

We are all way, way more powerful than we have been given to believe but the door opens in, not out.  What we need is not out there somewhere.  It is within. 

Imagine a life without the monkey mind.  With full self discipline.  Tuned in and connected to everything and all beings.  A reality where receiving and giving messages on devices is a thing of the past because we can innately transmit and receive ourselves because that is the sacred technology that is our birthright.

Love creates what we want and fear creates what we don't want.  Life gives us so many opportunities to learn and disrupt patterns.  We have an opportunity to move those mountains if we choose.  Why do we continue to choose pain when we can choose joy and freedom?

Imagine a life using these amazing abilities, (telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, teleporting etc).  Our mind might need proof but our hearts don't.  Neither does our beautiful planet as the climate would certainly benefit from us using all these abilities.  We need to relinquish the need to prove something with a randomised control trial which resides in the 3rd dimensional thinking brain reality of the mobile phone and take a leap of faith into a different way of being.  We only need to look at the rising tide of depression, anxiety, dissociation and addiction to know that something needs to change.  To move from service to self to service to all. That everyone is uniquely gifted and has something important to contribute to a much bigger whole.  That a life that can no longer can be controlled by the engineered systems (that we have to take responsibility for allowing and continuing to participate in), where we have a deep and innate connection with each other and all other beings and where we are no longer controlled by data, algorithms, AI, big business, incessant technological obsolescence or advertising.

2082 (or before, I hope) can be the more beautiful world we want for our children.  We can choose right now to be wise ancestors.  This needs to be a clarion call.

Here is the first in a series of short films about this based on channelled writings from Bobby Richardson.  Jump into the journey of what that might feel like. 



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