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Pete Lawrence - 04 Nov 2020


Let's see what is possible when we dare to dream.

It feels like a key time for societal shift as the old order crumbles and we step forward to play our part in the dismantling of old, outmoded ways, programmes and systems whilst being aware of the sensitivities around the stewardship of new ways which are essential for our survival as supply chains break down, the nature of 'work' changes beyond recognition, jobs disappear at a rapid rate, businesses close, social contact is stifled and hope and vision for a better world is in short supply. 

Campfire writer Jason Hine is ploughing new furrows grounded in ancient wisdom. He describes himself as an "earth based facilitator and coach, ceremonialist, animistic materialist, wilderness guide". His blogging is already attracting much interest and is unique in its scope and vision.

He is putting out feelers as he looks towards a potential move to Greece as a place where "a shift to an ancient future presence on earth can happen in a magical abundant supportive fruitful place."

Jason says:

"My vision is flexible, open, inclusive and open to change, synergy and collaboration...

What I'm feeling at present is to create to co-create:

Housing co-operatives

Ecovillages and ecovillage networks where we look towards methods of food production, technologies of reunion, wildcrafting, organizational change, local, national and global economy and currency redesign, dance, myth, mutualistic ways of doing business, forest gardening, boat building, development of new systems of governance, ceremony, conflict resolution, connection with the earth, eco-building, gardening and all the other things that we need to shift to an ancient future presence on earth can happen in a magical abundant supportive fruitful place..."

We are currently staging weekly Zoom mettings on Saturday afternoons (16:00 UK, 18:00 Greece)  - If you would like to join please register in advance here 

In this Campfire article, Hine discusses the need for magic and the major shift that is already coming: "The current set of institutions and ideas commonly encountered in mainstream culture or in alternative culture, the current conceptions that folk have about politics, about the political left and the right, about education, economics, ecology and almost anything else: I suspect all these will rapidly be changed beyond recognition

Perhaps the revelation people might yearn for to create a better day, won't emerge from the radiant flashy leader at the next "new story conference" or "embodiment conference" but from an elder sitting around a campfire in a forest, from someone working with disadvantaged youth in a street corner in the city, from a farmer, or from bestial witches skulking around graveyards with goat skulls."

Audio now available for the first Eco Networking meeting

Although many of the ideas Hine talks about and Campfire promotes are already in the ascendent, they will be new to many people in Greece and I speak from my own experience here on Paros.  There are already outposts - in Ikaria, Evia, Andros and elsewhere - and as these ideas become more commonplace and mainstream, the reaction seems to be one of excitement and anticipation, a new sense of collective consciousness and of being part of something, of building together in a flexible, open , democratic way rather than hunkering down and closing ranks. 

The time is absolutely right for this movement and the far-reaching effects of the Covid era will only serve to speed up its dissemination.

As for Paros, we are blessed to be in such surroundings and connected so closely with nature, but that doesnt mean that these ideas can't spread to all corners.

These islands are certainly magical, fruitful and blessed with abundance. There is an uplifting spirit and sense of community here despite the troubled times many are facing all over the world, which fits with Jason's clarion call for a centre where ancient future presence can play out. 

Let's see what is possible when we dare to dream.

Campfire is looking to set up a resource page around the ecovillages taking shape in Greece ... watch this space



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