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Eco Networking & sustainable living in Greece : Resources

By Pete Lawrence, 24 November 2020 8:19

Low-waste lifestyle, eco tourism, green your business, water saving, recycling and much more

Through shared research, assets, guidance and dynamic tools, Clean Blue Alliance connects islands with best practice to build a global network of plastic waste-free islands.

Located near crystal clear Aegean beaches on the Pilion mountain of mainland Greece, the Kalikalos Holistic Network offers from May through September in three nearby centres a summer program of holistic workshops, retreats, and alternative holidays along with a community-building experience patterned after the Findhorn community in northern Scotland. At these centres we demonstrate the power of authentic community as a vehicle for a new culture of cooperation, partnership and sustainability

The Living Wholeness Institute is busy with many things. We find ourselves working in places in which systems are in fundamental shift, and in collaborations with brave souls who are calling in new ways of living that sustain people and planet. Together, we are asking "What does it mean to truly transform our systems - ourselves included - so that they are deeply sustainable, at all levels?"

You need to be brave to be free, you need to be free to be content...

We are in the process of setting up eco-communities and retreat centers which will enable people to grow their own food, live on the land and also to pursue their own deepest soul calling. We are looking at sites in Greece and the Southwest of England, amongst other places, to set up ecovillages. These communities will be places where we can live with abundance, well being and joy of life as well as being a place where we can seed the transformation of our culture. These communities will be part of a larger connected network of ecovillages.

A community of conscious facilitators with a sustainable lifestyle that exists in ecological harmony with life and mother nature.

Re-Green is and EcoCulture Center and an active Permaculture farm based on a mountain countryside, aiming to actively experience the power of Green living. Re-Green is not a Hotel.

The eco lodge idea is about building an ecofriendly touristic destination on the island of Tinos, using sustainably the natural resources that surround us and creating a self-sustained system. This means using renewable energy resources and local materials, promote and produce on the plot local products, minimize waste and recycle and promote activities connected to the natural environment that surround us.

Catalyzing Communities for a Regenerative World The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing pathways to a regenerative future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity.

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