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Julie Horsley - 10 Dec 2020


2020: a year of smoke and dark mirrors, shadows, myths, monoliths, and an invitation into step into uncertainty...

It was very chilly last year as we arrived just before dawn for our Solstice fire gathering at Dartington in Devon.  As I recall it was also a tad spooky as anyone who knows Aller Park of old would, I am sure, confirm. We set up the fire pit and a shared altar on the hexagram at the side of the Aller Park buildings.  It is a sacred spot historically and astronomically aligned with the Dog star Sirius with Aller Park itself designed to sacred geometric scales. At this time last year, we had been involved in what became the "Save Dartington" movement.  A few of us decided to gather together at the Solstice, feeling called there to be with the land and the spirit of Dartington.  It felt deeply symbolic as we looked back at our journey through the decade ending in 2019. 

We shared our personal and collective stories and offered up to the Solstice fire all the things we felt no longer served us and all that we wished to release into the flames. We also talked about what we had accomplished, our insights and understanding as well as our dreams and intentions for the new decade and the coming year of 2020, building upon the inner sanctum we had created during 2019.  Wrapped up warm, we talked about what we wanted to bring in to our lives, to the Earth, to each other and shared special food and drink, performed ritual and ceremony.  We drummed, chanted, sang and rattled. We shared words and poems.

I particularly like Glennie Kindred's chant for the Winter Solstice she includes in "Earth Wisdom" which is:

"We are the rising sun
We are the change
We are the ones we are waiting for
And we are dawning (yes we are dawning)"

Whilst in certain circles there had been talk of 2020 being the year of 20:20 vision, the year of clarity and of following the heart, it seems that only the sages, mystics and prophets could possibly have known what would unfold three short months later when the world turned upside down and shut up shop! Nor was it easy to anticipate that events and festivals would need to be cancelled and we would all be contained and for months we would communicate virtually. 

What has life been asking of us, I wonder?

So now, as we are a little over a week away from the Winter Solstice of 2020 (Monday, 21 December) are you planning to pause for a moment to reflect on your journey, to somehow mark the shortest day and the longest night of this particularly epic year of years and possibly a year unlike any of us have experienced before?

Solstice is a perfect opportunity to come out of hibernation and reconnect around the campfire and in community. As the darkness reaches its height, the days gradually get longer and lighter as the Sun returns. 

What stories will you tell? What have you learnt about yourself this year? What are your reflections, insights and wisdom? What are your dreams, vision and intentions for 2021 and beyond?  What has shifted in you?  What has inspired you?

Would you like to share your solstice stories, photos, songs, poems and videos here perhaps?  Imagine we are burying a Campfire World Harmony time capsule; what would you include? It seems fitting to end this year co-creating an archive of experiences here amongst the members of Campfire and all those who have been involved in the World Harmony event at the Summer Solstice. I'd love to hear about yours and I invite you to share in our Reflections on 2020, Intentions for 2021 project below. 

The World Harmony energies this Solstice converge with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  This is a particularly auspicious opportunity to exponentially amplify a call for truth, unity, peace and harmony for ourselves, all beings and Mother Earth. To gather together in a radical and outrageously loving act of communion in whatever way feels right for you, your loved ones, friends old and new. Solstice is an opportunity to be at home or in sacred spots around a fire (socially distanced, safely in line with whatever your local restrictions might be) and for each of us to be the beacons and be light of this world that we truly are.  


Campfire World Harmony Winter Solstice



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