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Pete Lawrence - 15 Dec 2020


We are staging weekly Eco Networking Zoom meetings on Saturdays - 18:00 (Greek time) 16:00 (UK time).  

We are looking to  co-create: 

"Ecovillages and ecovillage networks and housing co-operatives where we look towards methods of food production, technologies of reunion, wildcrafting, organizational change, local, national and global economy and currency redesign, dance, myth, mutualistic ways of doing business, forest gardening, boat building, development of new systems of governance, ceremony, conflict resolution, connection with the earth, eco-building, gardening and all the other things that we need to shift to an ancient future presence on earth can happen in a magical abundant supportive fruitful place..." Jason Hine

Here is the recording of the December 12th session.


1. Are you ready to move into an eco-community/co-living space now or within 1-2 years (or preferably sooner) in Greece, UK or elsewhere in Europe? If so, where is your preference and do you have a timeframe?

2. Do you feel drawn to be part of a mutual/co-living trust or co-operative enterprise run by and for the community? If so, do you have energy to invest (be that money, skills or sweat)?

3. Are you interested in using your gifts to support other people to co-create a community or to work with the land?

Join our Zoom - register here 

Check out the Eco Community Circle Project on Campfire.

You can download the Eco 2020 Impact Assessment of my Family / Team / Community Excel spreadsheet at the footer of this article (look for the down arrow icon)   Please add your name on Page One and email back to



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