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Campfire Voice - 28 Dec 2020


Christmas Day presents us all with challenges, from cooking a Christmas dinner, ensuring that all the parts come together as a whole at the same time, to smiling sweetly for a gift received that was given the year before.

For one of our members, @Anthea Davies however,  a Christmas Day hike over an oft tread path, could have resulted in the most serious of consequences, the loss of her life.

Anthea and her partner, Karl, both experienced hikers in the Peak District, took a hike on Kinder Low, situated in the White Peak area of Derbyshire. At 600m is a round barrow, an early Bronze Age (2000-1500BC) burial mound. It is at this point that Anthea slipped on ice, fracturing her hip. The weather was closing in and after phoning the emergency services who in this case are the amazing Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, Anthea and Karl settled down as best they could to await rescue.

It's not been an easy post-operation period for Anthea. She takes up the story:

"Having enjoyed a good Christmas Day breakfast, my partner and I decided to make the most of a beautiful clear winter’s day and go for a walk in the hills, a few miles from home. Having prepared our sandwiches and a flask, we left the peeled sprouts and homemade Christmas pudding for later and set off to Hayfield. Walking up to Edale Cross we exchanged Christmas greetings with a few outdoor folk, out with dogs and mountain bikes enjoying the bright crisp weather. Snow started to fall gently adding to the pretty picture and Christmassy feel. As we approached Edale Cross, the ground was frozen solid with a lot of ice to negotiate. 

"The lunch stop was brief and we then set off to complete the walk back to the car to go home and prepare Christmas dinner. On the flat ground, just before the burial mound, despite being cautious, I suddenly slid and crashed to the floor landing on my right hip on hard frozen rock and ice. ...

I fell at 2.45pm and we had over an hour and three quarters at minus four! It wasn’t easy for the rescue teams to get to us in the icy conditions and it was going dark by the time they were on the hill as their vehicle couldn't ascend because of the ice so they had to do it all on foot.

Fortunately a pair of walkers appeared after a while offering pain relief medication and Karl was able to get me and my little dog Claydon into an emergency rescue bag that he carried in his rucsac to save us from perishing in the cold at -4 degrees C."

"I had urgent surgery on Boxing Day courtesy of the orthopaedic team at Macclesfield hospital. Metal plate and two bolts in top of femur to mend fracture avoiding hip joint replacement. Also broken wrist bone which, makes walking aids more challenging. I have been so lucky. Everyone has been incredible and I’ve had amazing care throughout. But I am still in hospital"

"I’m in agony this morning. Just shuffled to the loo with gutter frame (big walking frame) I was so impatient and determined yesterday I think I did too much!  I hope to get home some time this week. Dreading it in some ways as no-one can visit for chats and cups of tea and to help me with little things through the day, and then there’s the dogs to sort out. And cleaning etc. Bloody Covid!

"I feel really bad to have had to call people out to rescue me but I guess accidents happen...We were walking near home and in plenty of light, so I didn't think there were too many things that could go wrong. I am going to make a donation to kinder mountain rescue when I get home and I will plan a fundraiser for when I’m back on my feet down the line. They provide the most incredible service and to think they are all volunteers relying on charitable fundraising is utterly ridiculous but there it is! Alongside RNLI and other essential rescue services. They were absolutely incredible in what they did for me and if the publicity would help them I am certainly up for it."

Here is the story in Anthea's own words, told to the Campfire circle Zoom on New Years Eve



The blog on the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team website says:

We were called out on Christmas Day to assist a walker who had slipped on ice on Kinder Low, fracturing her hip and injuring her wrist. With a description of their location we despatched a search dog, supported by a number of hill parties. The lady and partner were located on top of Kinder Low east of the burial cairn.

We were unable to get a Land Rover beyond Stony Ford on the Edale Track due to the ice. HM Coastguard helicopter Rescue 912 responded to our request for assistance but upon arrival the cloud base had lowered a little, so they were unable to reach the casualty site and hovered over Stony Ford, before having to return to their base.

We sledged the casualty down from Kinder Low to Stony Ford and carried her in our stretcher down to our vehicles at Moorgate. She was brought down to our base in Hayfield and handed over to an ambulance crew from East Midlands Ambulance Service who took her to hospital. We then returned to our families to enjoy the evening and turkey dinners!

We send our best wishes and hope that she makes a quick recovery. This was the third mountain rescue incident in the Peak District on Christmas Day. Our friends in Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams having both been out earlier in the day to rescue people. Please do take care whilst out enjoying the hills over the festive period.

  • Time: 14:58
  • Type: Mountain incident
  • Location: Kinder Low
  • Team members: 22 plus HMCG Rescue 912
  • Duration: 4.5hrs
  • Volunteer hours: 99
  • Total volunteer hours for the year: 3,473

Neil Woodhead, Team Leader

Find out more about the work of the team at Kinder Mountain Rescue Team are a voluntary rescue organisation, based in Hayfield, Derbyshire in the UK. KMRT cover the Kinder Scout area of the Peak District in between Manchester, Stockport and Sheffield. If you would like to help with fundraising for the team, you can donate or raise money for the team at

Message Anthea via her Campfire Profile





Wowsers girlfriend - you don't do anything by halves do you?!
So glad you had the redoubtable Karl with you, that you were up there in relatively good weather, and that you didn't hit your head.
And that you're now home and on the mend...albeit far slower than you probably wish.
Sorry we can't come by and chat and waste time for you!
biggest hugs...and to those amazing folks in the Kinder MRT as well. Utterly heart-lifting it was, seeing their graft and commitment. much love xxxxx

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