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Campfire Voice - 28 Dec 2020


Here are the recordings from most of the recent World Harmony winter solstice weekend 

Julene Siddique  - Systemic Social Change

Practical steps to chanmging the world. Where traditional activism falls short through structural illiteracy and continually stumbles in engaging mere symptoms of world issues, the Social Architects act as the compassionate analysts addressing the systemic causes of world issues. We can no longer turn a blind eye to structural violence and systemic failure. Inside the dark heart of structural violence are the keys of societal re-architecting that are in fact our only hope out of it.


The Story of Matt Coldrick and his blind kitten Nelson

Ambient musician Matt Coldrick had his life turned upside down soon after his arrival on the Greek island of Paros by the unexpected arrival of a blind kitten on his doorstep. Here is his story in his own mini-documentary.

Pete Lawrence presents Deep and Crisp and Even

Pete's classic choral / classical / electronic / eclectic mix from 2000 set to his own visual accompaniment to celebrate the darkest days of Midwinter

Betsey Downing and Virginia Mallin  - Campfire's World Harmony 2020

Can We Evolve To Serve Our Emerging Future (Betsey Downing)

Humanity is at a crossroads: we are on the precipice of destroying our habitat, the very earth that gives us sustenance and
supports life. This presentation focuses on mental and emotional skills to develop the maturity and resilience needed to
rise to meet our challenges.
Betsey Downing, Ph.D was a meditation and yoga teacher for 45 years, before retiring to become a volunteer climate educator.

Climate Café (Virginia Mallin)

Virginia is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. She is passionate about the relationship between mental health and the state of the planet. She leads a Climate Café - an experiential space to give permission for conversations that can be difficult to have with family, friends, colleagues, or just to find time to reflect upon in our busy lives. It is an open, confidential, non-solution-focused and non-judgemental space, for often knotty feelings that can be hard to share or even fully articulate to ourselves, that concern around climate breakdown and related issues – for example, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, panic, grief, anger, frustration, hopefulness, guilt about the state of the planet and also guilt about feeling joy.

Angela Ward's 'The Great Conjunction'

This year has been a year of some extraordinary planetary alignments and we are not done yet. We began the year in January with the massive stellium of five planetary bodies in Capricorn and astrologers predicted a pretty intense year, with 2 more Pluto/Eris squares next year. These two bodies of disruption and chaos serve to bring the dark sides of the subconscious to light and above all disclose the truth, however much we do not want to see it. A good time for shadow work, a close look at one’s personal chart can indicate the areas of growth that need to take place, but also it is a time for us all globally to take a long hard look at our blocks and our darkest impulses as human beings, and to bring them into the light.
Jupiter and Saturn….the bringer of luck and fortune, and the bringer of lessons and hard work, traditionally opposites, energetically join forces in what is known as The Great Conjunction….also the Christmas Star…and has had quite a reputation over the centuries. It is said that this was the conjunction that was the star of Bethlehem at the Birth of Jesus, and although a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happens every 20 years, this particular configuration has not been seen since 1623. So what might this mean for us globally and also personally? This session will give a brief resume of the main themes coming up and there will also be time for a few people to have a one to one to have a look at this conjunction in their own personal chart. 

Lighting Beacons : Be the beacon. Shine your light on the world!

This is a time for us to join together as a community and reconnect as we set our intention to create more peace, unity and harmony in our own lives and beyond. The sense that people need to touch or be-in-touch with each other, whether physically or emotionally, has never been stronger. To find common ground, recognition of our humanity and to celebrate our unity as human beings on a living planet, we are inviting a call for Beacons to be lit once again, this time to celebrate the Winter Solstice. We’ve talked before about want to re-purpose the lighting of Beacon fires and the sacred flames of the Beacon fire symbolise unity and connection. We want to invite the practice of lighting beacons more often... particularly at the turn of the year. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It could be a candle, a barbecue, a fire pit, a log burner, a chimenea, a bonfire or a torch. We can all set sacred space virtually anywhere. It can be in your own garden or somewhere close to where you live, perhaps in the future, on a high place or any other sacred places wherever you are. Size doesn't matter; intention is what's important and your intention to light the beacon flame of unity will add exponentially to all the others doing the same across the world. Each Beacon is a sacred nexus of connection.


Jason Hine : The Ceremony of the Dragon in the Land at the End of History.

Was it inevitable that early city States became top-down hierarchical non-animistic systems? Was it inevitable that unregulated industrial growth became the norm and technology harnessed us and ritually bound us like a spirit in a magical circle instead of us harnessing it?

Dragon magic says “NO” to these questions.

Jason Hine invites you to join him in a dragon ritual. This is a ritual where we will time-travel to the roots of western civilization and replace the failed initiation of dragon killing with a ceremony of integrating, becoming, wearing the God-face of the dragon or becoming an ally or friend of the dragon in the land.

Engaging in a dragon ritual is to open up the multiverse and engage in a kind of counter-history. This ritual taps into the counter-history and alternative reality of dragon magic, not only to challenge the mainstream narrative of empire but to, in a more taboo and more outrageous sense, actively seek to sorcerously INTERVENE in history, to redream it and change it. Whether through very empirically real climate change narratives, spectres of economic collapse, or through narratives of techno-utopia, narratives of a more beautiful world next week, ascension to 5D, or AI takeover, the apocalypse looms vast and terrible over our threadbare present with an enormous outsized overgrown future. The apocalypse mountain crowds out the deep immense ancestral past.


The Zen Den and Mystical Wild Earth Dance for Midwinter

Bringing The Zen Den back to its roots we kicked off our solstice gathering with some chilled cosiness from Emma Smallman and brother Mark. Easy yoga movement followed by hits  from the gong. 

Midwinter Mystical Dance with Maria Louise Barnicoat is a dance that cleanses your mind with sweat and breath: laughter and prayer. We let go of conversation, dissolve into movement, drop deep into the body and discover the anatomy of the soul. We will move through personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind, heart, and source energy and awaken our imaginations together in a field of connected dreaming. We are powerful, creative beings and the dance facilitates in
us a liberation of that beautiful power and intent.

Bruce Bickerton's winter musical selection 

Broadcasting from his fireside on the edge of the Chilterns, here is Bruce 'alucidantion' Bickerton's Christmas pick and mix


Campfire World Harmony Winter 2020


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