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Campfire Voice - 04 Feb 2021


As this era unfolds, are you ready to be part of writing a new story for humanity? 

Do you want to break free from the shackles and chains of the growth dependent, dominant hierarchical money system?  

The majority of people in the West have become incredibly dependent on distant institutions and technology.  This has brought about a system that keeps many of us working within the hierarchy because the hierarchy and dominant economy feeds us. 

How have we allowed a system to develop where we have to go into debt to live and work for the very same system, to pay taxes, rent, mortgages or to go to University? 

If we work on the basis that no individuals are to blame, that we have collectively invented all this, where do we go from here?  

What action can we take to support a “Jubilee” (the cancelling of illegitimate debt burdens) and debtors bailouts for small business and students, for example? 

How can we reconfigure businesses (and all organisations) to work collaboratively in alignment as transformational agents for social change?

Is it time to reclaim the aspects of life that have been monetised or organised into soulless systems of bureaucracy to keep us in line or in fear? 

Is it time to reclaim living in community and a sense of place, relationship, belonging, goodwill and gift and in deep living connection with the land and nature?

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