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Campfire Voice - 18 Feb 2021


Join us for a journey into enchantment, mystery, miracles and magic for this Sunday's Campfire Open Forum on Zoom

In this open space, we will gather to share miraculous memories, magical moments, delightful dreams, sacred sounds and the scintillating supersensible.

With all that is happening in the world, we might also find ourselves cautiously venturing into the shadow side and the realms of dis-enchantment and dissociation.

Enchantment is a spell that comes over us. We can find ourselves in revelling in rapture and lured into reverie.

Together we will look at ways of recovering the enchantment of the everyday, developing a renewed sense of the sacred and where rapture, bliss and mystical experiences offer sublime sweet treats to the soul.

Sunday February 21st 10:30am UK time. Register for this meeting in advance here 

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