Platform Co-operatives : a map for the future

In his speech at Open 2017 Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell pledged to double the size of the country's co-operative sector “We’ll support the development of platform co-operatives instead of allowing new technologies to be exploited for the benefit of an elite few. Our National Investment Bank will be tasked with supplying funding to help support a new generation of co-operatively owned Ubers & AirBnBs”

Campfire trailblazes direct politics


Shadow politics starts with imagining our world, reinventing ourselves as a utopian political movement of independents, in a very different mould, as a much-needed alternative to the circus of conventional party politics. 

What do we want and how do we get it? It might normally be suggested that we’d be indulging in this for fun, but things aren't normal and the situation has suddenly become a whole more serious and we need to do something positive now.