Eco Networking

Story of Self, Story of We, Story of Now

As an exercise at our third Eco Networking Zoom meeting yesterday, we each talked through three stories.

Here are some very brief answers that begin to scratch the surface of where I am coming from and what is unfolding for me.

1 Our deepest calling - the story of 'Self',

a) What inspires me?  This, for me, is all about taking great joy from bringing people together. New ideas, fresh perspectives, unlikely connections.

Eco Networking: Zoom Meeting 1 audio

We're exploring Ecovillages and ecovillage networks where we look towards methods of food production, technologies of reunion, wildcrafting, organizational change, local, national and global economy and currency redesign, dance, myth, mutualistic ways of doing business, forest gardening, boat building, development of new systems of governance, ceremony, conflict resolution, connection with the earth, eco-building, gardening and all the other things that we need to shift to an ancient future