Sacred Crete - a wellspring of animistic dreaming

Journeying to sacred wild spaces in Eastern Crete we encounter immense mountains with springs emerging directly from the mountain face, pools with water nymphs and coruscating web-like waterlight on rocks, wild sage and thyme, iridescent green lizards, tiny frogs and toads, giant freshwater crabs, wild grapes and figs. I'm told there are 3000 varieties of herbs here, contributing to the longevity of the people.

A love letter to Athens

Over the centuries, Athens had become harder to love. After the heights of its Hellenistic phase, full of chiselled harmony and Golden Ratios, this concrete jungle of wannabe graffiti scribbles now suffered from tattered self esteem. What did it have to show for itself? Where could hope and better times be found?

Firecast 008 : the Power of Soft Power

Our eighth Firecast is a recording of my Paros breakfast meeting with Mary Valiakas, founder of Campfire's Athens Beacon and Head of Innovation at the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. A lucid and articulate thinker, Mary talks about her recent move back to Greece and the ongoing cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values. She explains how the switch from capitalism to collectivism has led to Greece using its grey zones from falling apart to maximise the impact of self-organising systems and to bring philosophy home to the cradle of western civilisation.

Reflections of life at 60 : Q&As to self

It’s hard to start any article written on the day I turn 60 without resorting to clichés and platitudes, so I thought I’d try a different approach. After spending a fair amount of time reflecting on life on a recent sojourn to Greece, I thought that I’d actualise some of those reflections and put myself on the casting sofa and attempt a few ‘Q&As to self’

How do I feel?