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Male, , birthday 11th August
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Traveller, community activist, shop keeper, music, dance, occasional DJ, cook & food enthusiast.

Lyme Regis based. Trained in the biological sciences (agricultural botany and molecular biology). Swapped academics for a life of travel and trading - importing hand crafts from Latin America and selling at music festivals and my shop. Now a contemporary giftware and lifestyle shop (Fuego, Lyme Regis).

Love bringing people together for fun, music and dance. Eclectic musical taste. Reputation for good background music in Fuego (with a great sound system - a legacy of my dad's Hi-Fi system, built in the 70's when the shop was our lounge!) As a DJ, I enjoy sharing Lounge, Nu Jazz, Ghetto Funk, World/Latin, Soul, Electro Swing/Blues, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass. I've made around 40 playlists of various genres on Soundcloud which you can listen to here: www.soundcloud.com/ayvin/sets

Bringing people together, using music and the arts as a social glue motivated me to become involved in the wider community, and since the 1990s I've been a volunteer community activist, making a difference where and when I could. I was a Town Councillor (Independent) for 7 years and chaired it's Marine Theatre management committee, steering the theatre into becoming a charitable trust so that it could be run by enthusiasts rather than a disinterested Council. I also chaired the former Club for Young People and the local Regatta & Carnival committee - expanding its arts programme as fund raising activities, and initiated and lead 2 large scale Millennium community arts projects. I resigned from all of this in 2002 for more extended travel.

In 2007 a friend encouraged me to help start a new organisation for young people, as the youth club had closed down. This evolved into B Sharp - a music charity that brings young people together to create their own music. I chaired and helped develop B Sharp for 7 years (2008 - 15) through networking, blogging, fund raising, building it into a highly regarded charity. Making music together benefits people in so many ways and it was great to see and hear so many stories about confidence building, empowerment and creativity, alongside personal and social development, especially for young people living with challenging circumstances.

More extended travel in 2016 and some 'me time' after being a carer for my mum for 10 years.

Brexit has taken the wind out of my sails. Over time I've learnt that openness, co-operation and cultural diversity is far more effective at delivering strategies, projects and personal rewards than isolation, intolerance, pride and self-interest. Brexit feels like the latter and I don't really want to give voluntary time to benefit people who think like this. Having said that, I also don't want to be stuck in a rut as a grumpy old man! :)

It would be good to find a project to get involved with that has wide social and environmental impacts, perhaps internationally, that I feel is worth putting time into. Campfire Convention seems like a good place to start looking.


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Others with good will.
Inclusive people.
People of action.
Cultural diversity.
Evidenced based beliefs and projects.
Scientific method.
Risk takers.



Ayvin Rogers
22 August 2019, 16:16
How do you keep a project going after the initial launch and excitement? Sustainability is a long term issue that can be a challenge for many projects and organisations, especially in the voluntary sector. This blog contains top tips to help you keep your project going.
Ayvin Rogers
12 June 2019, 17:36
Campfire Convention is an ideas incubator. This is a guide for those new to writing grant applications for projects and organisations in the voluntary sector.
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03 June 2019, 13:06
Ayvin Rogers
30 May 2019, 12:54
An online contribution to The Little Chill
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14 May 2019, 23:27
Ayvin Rogers
7 May 2019, 19:04
For those new to starting projects, the following may be helpful when thinking about how to lead a project. I attended a regional conference in 2014 for cultural leaders in the South West of England. The theme was 'What does a leader look like?' My description of a leader is based upon the collective knowledge and input from over 80 cultural leaders at that conference and my own experience as a volunteer leading numerous community projects and organisations over the last 20 years.