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Campfire's Winter Gathering : Spark The Change


A weekend of Big Ideas hosted by Campfire Convention


Frome is yet again at the forefront of big ideas about future living, with a weekend of inspiration, fun and community. This two day gathering invites all of us - innovators, artists, thinkers, pioneers and new visionaries to share together, creating new relationships and connections within our growing Campfire family - new members welcome! 

The aim of the weekend will be a chance to be inspired by each others ideas and visions for new community and integrated living, as well as find strength together for radical change.  

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Campfire patron Brian Eno has set a challenge to Campfire members (see link below), inviting pitches from 2020 Vision Makers, the pioneers in our midst who all have something new and unique to tell, and the winner for the most up voted idea will win a prize plus a full-length session at this summer's Campout 2020 event.

We will feature Circle Team sessions, new social ideas and innovation, new connections, plus a Sunday night live event and lots of open space for social interaction (programme to follow).

Lively, fun and informative our event will leave you renewed in hope for a better world. 

The pitch deadline has now passed for 2020 Vision Makers. We hope to repeat this as we've had such a positive response.

Afternoon music session with Dusk Assembly - a group of friends and musicians brought together by singer, choir leader and composer Sarah Jewell and guitarist Mark Brown. Together they explore poetry and ideas through improvisation and harmony using their voices as instruments and their instruments as voices. They create music that reflects their concerns, their passions and their gratitude for the abiding beauty of the earth and its diverse inhabitants.

 ‘Here is a glass of water from my well. 

It tastes of rock and root and earth and rain.

It is the best I have 

My only spell 

And it is cold and better than champagne’  


The event will be held in Frome's Bennett Centre

Sunday Evening : Campfire Live (19:30-22:00)  

This event is included in the weekend ticket price

If you would like to join us for Saturday dinner at The Good Heart, spaces are limited and would require buying a separate ticket

18:30-19:30 Pot Luck Supper

Starts 19:30 Campfire presents music and poetry

Beth Salmon : A sensation around last year's Campout, "undiscovered" Beth sings with warmth, humour and passion of the need to be in harmony with the earth and the changes our society needs if we are going to survive as a species on this planet. 

Boudicca's Child : A female trio from Frome, with three part harmonies, flute, guitar and sax. "Their connection is beautiful, sweet, tender and just magical. Three friends, having fun, diving in deep, exploring strength and vulnerabilities together."

Liv Torc is a razor blade skating performance poet, who plunges the vast caverns and dormant volcanoes of the human condition. She is funny, candid and lyrical but mostly it is just human. She takes a hairdryer to life’s static and cremates your eyebrows.

Steve Thorp "Only the poets can save us now” someone* wrote a decade or two back. Steve Thorp is the embodiment of this vision, a man who explores how our creative and poetic responses to the world we live in can sustain and transform us. He will be going deep with words, creating personal and collective soul manifestos.

In 2020 we have to dig deep and look beyond hope. As Campfire member @Ben Gray  says "I don’t believe hoping is the right approach. When we hope, we have a vision that is based on everything we have known up to that point. Which means we are manifesting a future based on our past. How can we know that it’s what we needed?

And by hoping, we are not being present. 

The most radical thing we can do is to practice being present, focussing on what is in front of us and bending to the huge tasks at hand with everything we have. Holding open the possibility of having a future, but not hoping. 

Despair and hope causes huge anxiety. When we’re anxious we’re not in our power. We are not strong. 

I believe we need to focus both on ourselves, our inner work and on communities. We need tangible projects that build capacity in communities to share knowledge, to support each other and chiefly, to grow food. 

When we’re present and dealing not with our past or future, but in the now - then we can be in our power. And we’re going to need to be. There is huge potential for change in this approach."





I just love this folks!
Neat ideas, poignantly and pithily expressed....
Now, please can we have set up Steering Group asap, so that the work of the 2 days can be allocated, and the rushing out of the tickets begin?!?!
here we go, 2020!


Julia Palmer-Price

Very exciting.. Brilliant idea! IDEAS transform Our World for sure.. We ARE the change makers.. thoughts become things.. empower the future with wonder-filled WORDS.. to become joyful goals reached by delicious deeds.. in deedy! Keeeeep visioning 2020 stylee.. for a bright and bold NEW tomorrow.! And.. Thank you for brightly sparking this challenge and, although I am here on a vision quest in my own community that week-end.. I will be with you in spirit.. Namaste and Blessed BE xJulia

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