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I think the world is at a crossroads do we go headlong into the abyss or do we make the necessary changes for survival. We have arrived at a world which needs to find direction where things like climate and politics need a makeover where are need for individualism becomes a need for cooperation and a nurturing attitude there are big challenges ahead and I see campfire convention as a place to meet with others and create real dialogue of the things that matter


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Seeing things that are progressive where respect and love are generated and a sense of gratitude and joy
What I like in Music
Sufjan Stevens
Alt J
Massive Attack
The Mars Volta
Neil Young
The Avalanches
Transglobal Underground
The road less travelled
Soul Mates
The Bible
The gifts of imperfection
The Different Drum
The Power of Myth


Skilled Engineer went to Sea worked ashore and offshore worked as project Engineer went home to look after my dad till he passed away now looking for new horizons


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