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I am changing all the time. You are changing all the time. Everything is changing all the time. Change in the world is the only thing that will never change.


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Cameraman, Video Producer, Event Producer, Stage Manager, Creative Director, Part time guru


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14 October 2018, 10:52
Daniel Dobbie
10 October 2018, 16:42
The Tree Conference is a one of a kind networking conference in Frome to support groups working to reforest the planet, regenerate habitats for wildlife, highlight emerging tree ecosystem science and halt deforestation. Here's a new promo video that I just put together...
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08 September 2018, 8:05
Daniel Dobbie
1 August 2018, 09:54
Jo Clark teaches us the art of creating silence and reflection in children and teenagers. This is an amazing story where Jo talks about his experiences with young people and how he has observed positive changes in behavior through the power of silence and personal reflection. A must watch for those with a passion for outdoor learning, child psychology, ecology or meditation.
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10 April 2018, 11:16
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10 April 2018, 11:16
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09 February 2018, 7:21
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05 February 2018, 17:38
Daniel Dobbie
5 February 2018, 14:31
This week LOVE IT TV talks to young black men about their struggles with depression and anxiety. This video allows them to tell their story and how they changed their lives for the better.