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I am changing all the time. You are changing all the time. Everything is changing all the time. Change in the world is the only thing that will never change.


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Diamonds Sharpen Diamonds - Stories around mental health and finding happiness


This week LOVE IT TV talks to young black men about their struggles with depression and anxiety. This video allows them to tell their story and how they changed their lives for the better.

"Solutions to issues in the community - normalising the conversation, it's ok to talk, letting young black men know that it's alright to feel love, it's ok to feel depressed, it's alright to be anxious, that not all the time do you always have to be the man.

The major issues for young men are that they have been brought up to be a man, to take it on the chin, so that kind of thing is playing on their're not allowed to be weak

People don't want to put themselves in a position where they are vulnerable.

The lack of understanding is an issue. If we could unpick that it would really be a help"

"If you're in dark place, one thing you should do is change the people around you. Look at your friends and their aspirations and influences 

If they're not conscious or looking for conscious things about changing themselves, that's not going to help you.

Only diamonds can sharpen diamonds 

If you're not around diamonds you're not going to get any sharper, you're going to stay blunt in life."


Please share this video so more people know about the support and choices available for those suffering with issues around mental health and happiness. - inspiring people around film, video and web TV LOVE IT TV - for those thinking outside the box




Michelle Spriddell

Will definitely be tuning into Love It TV x

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