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Female, Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom, birthday 28th August
Joined November 2016

Okay I am a creative human. I love working with musicians, artists, labels and festivals.

In fact I am an artist and I sing, write, draw, paint and always have.

I have Fine Art Degree and a Masters in Performance Visual Practices for which I got a Distinction. Subjects covered in all mediums are environmental issues, life, death, equality and feminism.

My alt ego resides at: and I founded


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Hippy off grid childhood. Peace, love and acceptance. Keeping it in the day and striving for equanimity.


I am a highly creative, client focussed creative industries focussed PR marketing professional, with an outstanding track record of achievement within the music industry, festivals and the arts (notably in record label/arts marketing, events & PR). Passionately committed to providing an exceptional standard of service while working towards shared and clearly defined goals. I am an agent of change who is keen to challenge the way all artists are treated and valued within the industry.


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13 April 2019, 8:32
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
12 April 2019, 16:45
A myth-busting day to help you navigate all the blocks (creative and logistical) to getting your music released and promoted. We are at a wonderful point in our creative evolution where we really can chuck out the money lender in the creative temple. Exploitation is the backbone of the commercial music industry. Think about it. The deals artists sign for the privilege of making it amount to a loan that takes 80 percent of profit even after they've got all their money back. The workshop has three key themes - Trusting Your Muse, Abandoning Perfection, Feet First Practical Action  and will be on 10 till 6pm on July 20th.
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
2 October 2018, 19:26
The moment of diagnosis is something every cancer patient has etched on their psyche. The end of who we were and the beginning of a new becoming.
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09 October 2018, 15:28
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
1 October 2018, 13:28
This month I will be blogging about my experience as a cancer patient
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01 September 2018, 7:33
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
28 August 2018, 00:38
This is a short video made to explain the radical healing that is possible when you allow yourself the freedom to create. punk silent movie star is my secret self, the part of me that performs past anxiety and fear. A free me.
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08 September 2018, 21:26
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
26 August 2018, 17:28
Getting over myself and getting into community, leadership, responsibility at the exceptional and brilliant Campfire Campout 2018. PLUS an exclusive poem on co-depency and crisp packets #campfirecampout18revelations
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25 January 2018, 8:44
Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper
24 January 2018, 10:54
I've lived in Worthing since 2001 and I love this town it has to be said, so it's great for me to host the first Worthing Beacon event.
Sunday, 28 January, 2018 - 15:00