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Okay I am a creative human. I love working with musicians, artists, labels and festivals.

In fact I am an artist and I sing, write, draw, paint and always have.

I have Fine Art Degree and a Masters in Performance Visual Practices for which I got a Distinction. Subjects covered in all mediums are environmental issues, life, death, equality and feminism.

My alt ego resides at: and I founded


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Hippy off grid childhood. Peace, love and acceptance. Keeping it in the day and striving for equanimity.


I am a highly creative, client focussed creative industries focussed PR marketing professional, with an outstanding track record of achievement within the music industry, festivals and the arts (notably in record label/arts marketing, events & PR). Passionately committed to providing an exceptional standard of service while working towards shared and clearly defined goals. I am an agent of change who is keen to challenge the way all artists are treated and valued within the industry.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


A rock and a hard place - I had no idea what to do or how to cope.

When I was first told I had breast cancer in 2008 I felt the urge to rage like an unhinged tennis player mid match point dispute.

I had gone in to have a cyst removed that was all, how could it be a cancer? They had told me I was being neurotic and was part of the ‘worried well’ how was it possible for the truth to be so different? I felt as if I’d fallen from the top of a very tall building at speed. 


Here’s a version of my story from The Breast Cancer Haven website.





Pete Lawrence

I will look forward to reading your blog, @Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper. I have just finished Sophie Sabbage's 'Lifeshocks' which gave me a huge insight into how it must feel to have cancer. Recommended reading (thanks @Kate Edgley for giving me a copy)


Pete Lawrence

Quite a co-incidence to read about the "neurotic" thing. My mother was told the same just before she passed out with pain from her brain tumour.


Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper

It was quite telling, I knew I was ill - I felt it and will write about that too. Thanks Pete for supporting this and helping spread the word.

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