Female, Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom, birthday 28th August
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Okay I am a creative human. I love working with musicians, artists, labels and festivals.

In fact I am an artist and I sing, write, draw, paint and always have.

I have Fine Art Degree and a Masters in Performance Visual Practices for which I got a Distinction. Subjects covered in all mediums are environmental issues, life, death, equality and feminism.

My alt ego resides at: and I founded


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Hippy off grid childhood. Peace, love and acceptance. Keeping it in the day and striving for equanimity.


I am a highly creative, client focussed creative industries focussed PR marketing professional, with an outstanding track record of achievement within the music industry, festivals and the arts (notably in record label/arts marketing, events & PR). Passionately committed to providing an exceptional standard of service while working towards shared and clearly defined goals. I am an agent of change who is keen to challenge the way all artists are treated and valued within the industry.


I Am An Artist - What A Performance


Here’s the I AM AN ARTIST film made by my husband and myself. For those of you who took part in my ‘Free Your Inner Performance Artist’ at Campfire Campout 2018 this gives you some background insight into where the ‘giving yourself’ permission to be self expressed comes from. I do really believe that re-engaging with myself as an imaginative force healed something in me that is beyond words.




Kate Edgley

Thanks for this Eugenie. It's a clear demonstration of the healing power of art - I really get the truth of this for you as I watch you in this video xx


Ralph Pettingill

Wow! Thank you @Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper . Inspiring, intriguing and hopeful.. I'm really interested to find out more..


Rose Lennard

Artist and force to be reckoned with! Respect Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper (EugenieAP)@ You have so much to offer. Sorry i only caught the tail end of your performance art workshop at campfire, though even that was memorable!

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