George Scott
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Male, , birthday 12th March
Joined February 2020

I am open to developing personal and working relationships.

Building resilient thriving communities is very important to me.

I am keen to connect with community builders, change-makers, holistic therapists and performing artists. (but not limited to :-)

I love creativity and wellbeing.

It would be fantastic to meet and form a team of like-minded souls to establish Frome as an EarthProtectors town.

I am passionate about developing local, sustainable food systems.

Architecture is very close to my heart and I am from an eco-building background.

Networking is a natural gift of mine. I like to connect people together and watch the magic happen.

I am also extremely privileged to own an area of ancient woodland not far from Frome. This space is ideal for retreats, gatherings and connecting to nature. It is a magical place and i am open to people using it. Please feel free to inquire.

My partner and I also cater for retreats and offer detox and nutritional support.


Key Skills





Kindness and Love


Nature Retreat owner

Founding Partner of BrightSky Community

Partner at Joyful Nutrition


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