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Hello, I'm Graeme,

I think I'm on here because like most of us I'm appalled at what's going on in the political sphere currently, and I don't think any kind of 'top-down' political system is any use to save the planet, or for people to organise themselves for the tough times ahead. There must be another way, and I see in Campfire Convention the green shoots of another way of doing things. Naturally I am inspired and fascinated by the Extinction Rebellion, and think it behoves all of us to look at what we're all doing in our own lives.
I attended a Campfire meet in Frome last year, and was fascinated to learn that the Town Council is composed completely of independents, (IE no 'Party Political' members) and their ethos and actions are admirable, truly, 'by the people, for the people'

I like what's happening in Campfire, and I find it exciting to be a part of it

I used to manage audio and video services in the Houses of Parliament, and then London's City Hall (under both Ken Livingstone, and then Boris Johnson) and I could see the way things were developing back then, in 'The Mother of all Parliaments' and it is unfortunate to have been given early clues as to what was likely to happen, and to have felt so powerless to do anything about it (apart from vote, I suppose).
So I left and managed tech services in a college in London University for a few years, thinking that it might be more genteel, and organised, human -orientated and non-political
WRONG! If anything, the 'office' politics, and actual Politics were both much worse, and I stuck it for five years, and then moved to Somerset, and re-embraced my earlier career of music, recording, writing re-mixing and production, and added creative video-making for good measure.

I am interested in personal development, life-long-learning, well-being issues, and creative activities, reading as many interesting books as possible, writing blogs, mainly on music, (but not exclusively), and learning how to do things like build websites quicker than I can at the moment, learning other skills, and continue
ing to try to learn French, and Dutch (don't ask!)

I learned to meditate twenty years ago, and I've found it to be my lodestar both to get back on a creative track when stuck, make the best use of my time, and sort myself out when things got really tough in the past. If you would like to know which particular technique I learned, and why, PM me.

Music will always be the activity I return to, for my soul.


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Brian Eno, Richard Feynman, JJ Cale, Herman Hesse, John Lennon, Sylvia Plath, George Orwell, Joss Whedon, Donald Fagen, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, TS Eliot, Phillip Larkin, Jane Macadam Freud, Harry Mulisch, Simon Schama, Nick Drake, JRR Tolkien, Julia Cameron, Hilary Mantel, Robert Graves, Nick Park, Peter Gabriel, Paul Nash, Emily Dickinson, Ridley Scott, Steve Reich, George Harrison, Rosemary Sutcliffe, John Irwin, Kurt Vonnegut

and the need to live a useful, principled life


Places I've worked:
Various recording studios
Most Government ministries (as a technician)
City Hall (Greater London Authority
London University