Helen Wimpenny
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Female, , birthday 24th September
Joined February 2020

I was born in Yorkshire and spent my formative years on the edge of the wild Yorkshire moors with a loving and close family and liberal parents .This created in me ,a sense of freedom and an adventurous spirit which has always carried me forward in life. I have never been afraid to take risks or open my heart.

Worked at Belsize Bookshop, North London after completing University.
I then worked for PORTAGE - as a practitioner .PORTAGE is a home visiting educational service supporting children and their families within the local community. I also worked as a classroom assistant whilst my children were at Primary school. This inspired me to become a teacher.
My degree is in English literature.
I completed my PGCE at Chichester.
I’ve had a variety of educational positions over the years, teaching across all year groups in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two . I’m an experienced teacher.
Highlights have been teaching at the only Quaker Primary school in the UK for a number of years, William Penn School Horsham .The ethos here suited me well.
I also taught English as a volunteer in a small Buddhist school in Western Kazakhstan and at the University in Urask. Also I taught at JESS school in The Middle East as a primary teacher.
In Kuwait I worked alongside a nurse as a volunteer at the Philipine embassy , helping women and their children who had suffered abuse from their employers.
I lived abroad for ten years in various countries. I enjoyed that nomadic existence and sense of adventure. I had a number of memorable experiences and have always enjoyed meeting people and making true human connections.
I am now supply teaching in the UK , exploring new and different opportunities like writing and other new projects. I am presently involved with conservation and environmental groups and am a member of XR. I’m lucky enough to live close to Knepp Castle and witness the regeneration of the land and wilding in action.

I’m always open to experiences , new learning and the development of spirit and consciousness.

Have two adult children , a son and a daughter and two beautiful small grandsons. I would say that bearing and bringing up my own children has been one off my greatest achievements and one that has always been a joyful challenge and a source of pride My family, friends ,children and grandchildren continue to be a source of inspiration and joy.


Key Skills





My family , my children and grandchildren, my closest friends and all those people who have shown nobility, love and strength in the hardest of times.

Nature,art , literature and film- new imaginative ideas and new perspectives.

Children and young people of all ages. astound me with their freshness of outlook and original ideas.

The ordinary people I meet everyday help me understand myself more and help me recognise what a beautiful and imperfect species we are.



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