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Male, , birthday 4th August
Joined March 2020

I'm an earth based facilitator, ceremonialist and gardener interested in ceremony, animism, gardening, cultural restoration, ecosystem regeneration and creating abundant regenerative earth based eco-villages.


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The sunset and sunrise, the Oak forests and jumping trout in the river.

Community gatherings where we can discuss cultural and ecosystem regeneration and the ancestors may become present

Folk like Bob Randall, Aboriginal activist, Suprapto Suryodarmo, movement and ceremonial artist, Arnie Mindell, deep democracy holder

All my beautiful friends and my many years gardening, wild crafting and tending the land



Pete Lawrence likes
21 December 2020, 15:14
Jason Hine
19 December 2020, 08:23
Engaging in a dragon ritual is to open up the multiverse and engage in a kind of counter-history. This ritual taps into the counter-history and alternative reality of dragon magic not only to challenge the mainstream narrative of empire but, but in a more taboo and more outrageous sense, to actively seek to sorcerously INTERVENE in history, to redream it and change it.
Jason Hine
17 December 2020, 15:55
Perhaps for some now is a time to plant the seeds for whatever comes next. History and fate itself are on the move in a certain way they haven't been for generations. They won't wait. Can you move with them? Can you become a Hekatean vortex of fate, or a fate being, instead of just being moved by fate?
Jason Hine
4 November 2020, 07:55
A basic income supported mass re-skilling, which may happen suddenly, or more likely over many generations, away from "working for a living" and towards learning to nervous system-regulate with oceans, moorland and deserts may need occur. A move away from extracting from the earth as a desperate strategy to pay rent to those extract the value of one's labour in a scarcity based cultural and economic context and towards restoring local communities in an abundance-based cultural economic context
Jason Hine
4 November 2020, 07:15
Perhaps the revelation people might yearn for to create a better day, won't emerge from the radiant flashy leader at the next "new story conference" or "embodiment conference" but from an elder sitting around a campfire in a forest, from someone working with disadvantaged youth in a street corner in the city, from a farmer, or from bestial witches skulking around graveyards with goat skulls.
Jason Hine
2 November 2020, 10:42
To defeat a powerful skilled opponent in martial arts there is a need to train, to have discipline, to learn one's own weaknesses and strengths, to practice to become more strategic, stronger and more skillful. This is unfortunately sometimes what people don't do when they come across a powerful opponent in their life or in politics.
Jason Hine
26 October 2020, 07:10
In this moment in humanity's search for home, many folk for home in an abstract disembodied eternity, or in some overgrown looming future. In industrial growth cultures folk sometimes experience an immense looming future, but a tiny past and a threadbare present.
Jason Hine
9 October 2020, 17:53
Being "free" to do whatever one wants or being a pseudo-rebel, as evident in endless economic growth advocates, lockdown protesters and anti-mask wearers, isn't always the highest value or natural order of things, it can be just a kind of adolescent behaviour. People like Trump and modern neo-spiritual teachers give us a great gift: they point out exactly what pseudo-rebellious attitudes needs to be sacrificed or transformed in order for healthy earth based community to come into being.
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22 October 2020, 11:22
Jason Hine
26 August 2020, 10:42
I'm here listening to the sentient intelligence of the land, learning about folklore, making ceremony on the land, visiting dream incubation temples, meeting storytellers, swimming with multicoloured fish, learning from local people, meeting kittens and helping facilitate the creation of ancient future ecovillages. Crete is a wellspring of animistic dreaming, a source of ancient future earth based culture...
Jason Hine
27 July 2020, 11:21
People who are disenchanted with the political center, disenchanted with "identity politics" and disenchanted with capitalism or neoliberalism would in the past have gravitated to the moderate left, far left or center right, but these days the far right have extensive recruitment and disinformation campaigns to funnel those disenchanted with capitalism, centrism, identity politics or neoliberalism towards fascism.