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Male, Palma, Illes Balears, Spain, birthday 14th September
Joined July 2017

I'm a writer and activist dedicated to promoting a gentler, more compassionate world.

I was a research scientist in my previous life and also spent time in the fragrance industry before realising that the way I wanted to make a difference was through writing, communicating and developing creative ways of spreading compassion.

I wrote a book called The Battle for Compassion: Ethics in an Apathetic Universe, a philosophical exploration of the human condition, freedom, identity, ethics and the fundamental question "What matters?"

I also made a 20-minute film to communicate some of the key messages from the book:

In June 2016 I set up a non-profit think-and-do tank called OPIS - Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering ( The mission is to develop and execute ideas for embedding compassionate ethics into our society's systems so that the prevention of both human and animal suffering is given highest priority. We are working on a variety of approaches, including developing a toolkit for developing compassion among children, developing concrete policy proposals and spreading compassion through creative filmmaking and campaigns. More info here:

If you are considering shifting towards a plant-based diet, this page brings together some of the best information about ethics, nutrition and recipes:

Want to discuss ideas? Please contact me!

I'm officially resident in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I've lived for many years, but I spent 4 years in Palma de Mallorca until September 2017, and am currently spending time working from Athens.


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