Female, , birthday 9th March
Joined January 2020


Key Skills





Love as a choice
My beloved body vessel, its knowing and its poetry
My soul's divine plan
Light, sound, vibration, frequency shifts & sensory experiences
My children, my soul family and my "tribe"
Multidimensional guidance
My inner pilot light
My lineage
A connection with All That Is
Our nature companions and the elementals
The spirit of fire


Wayshower, Light Worker and Cosmic Networker
Keeper of the Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge
Founder of Weavers of Wellbeing
Health, Work and Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Public Health West Midlands
Health and Wellbeing lead for Warwickshire County Council
Business Systems Manager, Dudley MBC
Project Lead for the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and the Broad Street/Brindleyplace infrastructure projects


About World Harmony


The World Harmony concept was birthed in May 2020, bringing together a group of talented, creative collaborators.  Campfire’s World Harmony events intentionally align with the four world harmony energy convergences (solstices and equinoxes).

How does this work?  We have a curated selection of online spaces to celebrate and amplify one of the four energy convergences (solstices, equinoxes), balance, freedom, unity and world harmony. We will, once again, be inviting the lighting of Beacon flames during each event.

The events are a chance to explore virtual stages of musical vibes, conversation, our innate connection with nature and being kind to yourself…

We are harnessing technology for good to gather and connect.  The concept of World Harmony has, at its heart, an ethos of inclusion and co-creation. On a personal and collective level, we have become compartmentalised and fragmented. We offer this opportunity for us to gather, to harmonise at all levels, fusing together the various elements of life to stitch a new garment, shape a paradigm fit for these extraordinary times.

We prepared the ground and sowed the seeds that are now ready for their first harvest.  Having reaped the benefits  of learning from our first event, we are now bringing together another uniquely co-created fusion of the arts, new media, holistic health and wellbeing, heart-centred business as we continue to expand our conscious social network. World Harmony is Campfire's evolving online event blueprint - an exploration of how we bring together polarised energies around a shared vision of unity and connection and that seamlessly and uniquely blends the digital, the physical and the subtle realms.

Together we can imagine it into being - would you like to get involved?  


What would your channel look and feel like?

What would be your style and approach?

Kinds of delivery - features, pre-records, live?

Arts, politics, wellbeing, local issues, passions, skills?

Particular interest groups i.e. young people

Put out feelers to potential contributors

Create your own circle team, start a Beacon group

Create a project on Campfire, put a pin in the map

Tap into our global network

What kind of support would you need?


Create a timeline

Platforms (such as Zoom, Twitch, OBS)


People – technical, presenting, social media, admin support/link to main event

Back channel



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