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17 March 2020, 23:04
Julie Horsley
11 March 2020, 17:27
Fear is a vibrational carrier that can lower our vibration and it spreads like wildfire!
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08 March 2020, 21:45
Julie Horsley
28 February 2020, 19:21
With the fear inherent in the situation arising globally, what we need is to share how we can empower ourselves to stay well. To strengthen ourselves on the inside. Dipping in to our own inner strength. This includes how we nourish our bodies and what messages we choose to "consume" as well.
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17 March 2020, 23:03
Julie Horsley
23 February 2020, 10:42
The fire, earth, air and water elementals in a human etheric body are in constantly changing interaction, reciprocity and communication with the elementals in our environment. How can we work more collaboratively with our own elemental "team" and in so doing be more connected with the rest of humanity as an integral part of nature?