Word on the street


The graffiti of Athens - I am fascinated by the disobedience, the insolence of graffiti, of the messages I can’t understand, of those I can and the glimpses into the underground conversations humming like the hidden soundtrack of the city.




Pete Lawrence

Fantastic gallery and thanks for posting @Kimm Fearnley. I have a load of images from around ten years ago of similar in the city. Must dig them out again.


Ralph Pettingill

Thanks @Kimm Fearnley I really enjoyed looking at these. I've never been to Greece, and also never been somehow captivated enough to want to go- I think it's because I haven't had a direct personal connection to the place. However, these images really capture something of a certain type of joyful rebellious zest- something I saw and loved in Berlin...so you might just have nudged me to consider a visit....

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