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Female, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, birthday 25th April
Joined September 2017

Writer, Singer, DJ, and co-founder of the band Luminous Frenzy.

My stage name is Luminous, and I follow in the footsteps of my musical family (my granddad Syd, band-leader/drummer, and great-grandmother Kitty, whose all-night parties in post-war Birmingham were legendary).

Music found me quite late … My early passions were dance, sport, and animals. Vegan from 18, I took part in many animal rights protests and actions. Later, in the early 90s, I worked undercover in two animal research labs, achieving national press coverage, and served as President of the Vegan Society, where I founded 'World Vegan Day' (every 1st November), and made a film with Benjamin Zephaniah.

Around this time I met my partner Frank (a.k.a. Mr Frenzy). “Godlike guitarist” in hotly tipped, indie band The Playthings. He invited me along, as a kind of honorary member, for a band press interview: in return, I took him raving, and our lives took off in a whole new direction. Consumed by House music and DJ’ing, we played in clubs and parties all over London and Europe, and for many years ran a free sound system. We had a residency at The Foundry, the famously anarchic arts venue in London, where our band Luminous Frenzy was formed, and I was named one the World’s ‘Top 100 Female DJs‘ in the first list of its kind (ranked between Radio One's Annie Mac and Annie Nightingale)

Luminous Frenzy‘s first album 'Violence/Ambience' is an evocative exploration of beauty and malevolence. We debuted live as an 8-piece band on one of the main stages at the 2005 Big Chill Festival, and later, at the Southbank Centre, to promote our single 'Three Cliffs Bay', which got cracking reviews and has a music video filmed on location in Wales. Mutating into a rockier 5 piece, we recorded three tracks with Producer Paul Sampson (Catatonia, The Primitives), performing live at the ICA & Supernormal Festival.

From 2014-17, we ran Karamel, a vegan venue and restaurant - hosting live music, comedy, poetry, art exhibitions, and parties. We won two Time Out ‘Love London’ awards, served “some of the best vegan food London has to offer” (The Guardian), and helped turn Wood Green into a cool, conscious, arty destination. (The next 'Shoreditch' reckons the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018/jul/22/shoreditch-east-end-londo...

I give talks on veganism, and artivism. I'm also a Yoga & Pilates teacher, and teach classes in both.

I'm a writer too, with an interest in art, music, social change & lifestyle. I've interviewed Moby, Johnny Marr, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Benjamin Zephaniah, and comedians Sara Pascoe & Richard Herring,


Key Skills





Music. Art. Animals. Identity. Presence. Nature. Kindness. Courage.

I'm interested in the tension between dualities, and drawn to the in-between.


Co-founder: Luminous Frenzy (band) - Current

Owner: Mind Body Zone (Yoga & Pilates Practice) - Current

Co-founder Kabaret @ Karamel (Time Out award-winning venue in North London) - 2014 - 2017

Policy & Campaigns Officer: Respond (learning disability charity) - 2009-2013

Manager: Siren Arts (learning disability charity) - 2003-2012

President & Chair: Vegan Society - 1991-1994

Undercover Investigator: 1990-1991

Campaigns Officer: National Anti-Vivisection Society -1988-1990


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Louise Wallis
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Painting with Music. If you're like me, u relish the chance to utterly immerse yourself in music. Spotify a guilty pleasure; for introducing me to so many beautiful tracks/acts, reaquainting me with old faves & familiars, & enhancing my life ... and complicating content issues for artists not so much. But in these intense times, we revel unashamedly in its positive aspect (cultivating receptivity), and in music itself as a medium for shared emotional /physical expression. Get Superstylin
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In a world where we are pushed to do more, faster, harder, longer than ever before, cultivating quiet can be crucial. Which is where Yin comes in. Slow and meditative with mostly floor-based postures that are held for several minutes, Yin is the quiet, contrary one of the Yoga family. You say strong, Yin says soft. You say tense, Yin says tender. You say energy, Yin says ease. You say rise, Yin says rest. An insight into the theory behind this deep and increasingly popular practice ...
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30 September 2018, 7:37
Louise Wallis
29 September 2018, 18:25
Stewart Gilchrist shares his views on veganism and yoga going hand-in-hand, Sid Vicious, Woody Harrelson, and the mind-expanding superpowers of a plant-based yoga practice.
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21 September 2017, 17:47
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