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Bio? Some routes and my journey here.. brought up in the Fens of Cambridgeshire . From a large Catholic Family- English Dad and a German (immigrant?) Mum. I escaped to Brum  as a student. After 8 interesting years and making good friends, to Newcastle as a newly trained teacher. A career working with children, young people and parents. Then becoming a Dad myself- my best decision ever. Some years of turbulence: now time to decide my direction for the next 50+ years...


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Community and connection, liberation and healing- for all of us, for mind, heart and planet. My cup is usually half full... or sometimes a quarter.. or an eighth ...



So who's showing up at your Fantasy Campout..?


Campfire continues to surprise, amaze and amuse ; my fantasy Campout lineup might just turn into reality..

OK, I just had this idea. Remember Fantasy Football? Well it wasn't anything I ever did you understand the concept- pitting your own fantasy team against others... Even better- your Fantasy Campfire Campout line up.. I'm sitting here this Saturday morning, delightedly listening to David Byrne Radio. HIs playlist is just what I'm looking for this morning. It crossed my mind 'Wouldn't it be great to have David Byrne at one of our Campfire events? I've always been moved by his music, collaborations, perspective. Then I remember that he and Brian Eno have often been artistic collaborators, and Brian came to our first Campfire Convention..?  @Pete Lawrence, our very own pied piper of DIY collaborative community, invites us on this path of an emergent democratized culture so what are our ideas for next time? Don't all big ideas start out as small seeds, straws in the wind, whispers in our imagination.. so I'm inviting us to share our Fantasy Campfire ideas. Who knows, maybe we get  to make them come true...




Andie Brazewell

Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, if they haven't, they should meet.
Brian Cox and Donald Trump, sparks will fly!
Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd founder) -
Lesperance orphanage children's choir from Rwanda - let the tell their story -
Reynaldo Ochoa - I worked with this inspiring and influential man for over four years and I am still learning from him, an ex-logger of the Amazon, turned conservationist...
John Hare OBE - founder of the Bactrian Camel Sanctuary, Gobi desert, Mongolia to hear how he persuaded the Chinese government to ban and remove illegal and environmentally detrimental gold mining in the Gobi desert...


Ralph Pettingill

Wow! I'll look foward to checking out these links- thank you @Andie Brazewell

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