Ruth Wallsgrove


Female, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, birthday 18th March
Joined August 2016

I was a member of the Spare Rib collective from 1977 to 1984, and then had a long association with the USA feminist newspaper off our backs. I have founded/ co-founded a few publications, such as Trouble and Strife and Assets magazine. Activism: as well as radical feminism I was involved in the anti-nuclear movement in the early 1980s and Transition Towns this century - 90s were a bit of a lost decade for me politically. Climate change and peak oil got me moving again, and I co-founded Transition Sydney in 2008. Since returning to England I've been involved in bits and pieces with Transition and community activism, but feel ready for some serious work now.


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25 September 2019, 18:53
Ruth Wallsgrove
15 September 2019, 15:17
How bad it can seem in the early hours - and yet, there is much good in my life. I am an optimist by nature who doesn't see much hope for the future. How to reconcile this? I appreciate your thoughts on this, as I appreciate all the actions of CC.
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28 March 2018, 16:17
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16 March 2018, 6:02
Ruth Wallsgrove
10 March 2018, 16:09
How best to confront men behaving badly at work? Let's share techniques
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12 March 2018, 11:07
Ruth Wallsgrove
10 March 2018, 15:56
Spiral Dynamics is a useful way to think about values, and development. How might we apply it to changing the world?
Ralph Pettingill and commented
10 March 2018, 23:59
Ruth Wallsgrove
4 March 2018, 16:34
Collaborating with others requires that we get the differences as well as what we share. And that means understanding ourselves....
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23 February 2018, 7:47
Ruth Wallsgrove
21 February 2018, 14:46
Vegan curries - the easiest way to get vegetables onto the plates of my diabetes type 2 male relatives
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07 March 2018, 22:47
Ruth Wallsgrove
20 February 2018, 17:04
Just what do we see when we look at a flat image?