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I am a visual and performance artist, skilled facilitator and Project Coordinator. I have over 10 years experience of working as a lecturer in the FE sector, where I also worked as a Manager and Coordinator and in my early career as a Support Worker. I work freelance in the voluntary sector, specialising in project coordination and facilitation. My work has focused on women’s equality and social leadership and is underpinned by a Systems and Complexity Approach to Social Change and a keen interest in creativity and the creative process. I have maintained a creative practice since beginning my journey as an artist in 1999. I recently became involved with The Republic of the Imagination where I am developing my own CoArts practice and making Sensory Labyrinth Theatre. I am also Founder of Share Cardiff, a new emergent enterprise that seeks to build a community of communities committed to sustainability and activating the urban commons for a better future, by people, for people. Shining a spotlight on sharing, solidarity and the new economy in Cardiff.


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The people around me. Beauty.


Founder, Share Cardiff | 2016-present
Creative Associate, The Republic of the Imagination | 2016-present
Facilitator & Project Coordinator, Career Women Wales | 2016
Trustee/Director, ProMo Cymru | 2015-present
Project Administrator, Women Making a Difference | 2015-16
Engagement & Participation Officer, Welsh Women's Aid | 2014
Cardiff & Vale College, Equality & Diversity Manager, Learning Support Coordinator, Lecturer, Learning Support Worker | 2003-14
Artist & Writer since 1999


Pete Lawrence and commented or likes
16 November 2017, 8:25
Sally Hughes
14 November 2017, 10:41
What is this magic that emerges when we become immersed in the creative process? How might acknowledging our own talents move us forward creatively?
Katherine Lucy Sang and commented or likes
26 March 2018, 15:18
Sally Hughes
6 November 2017, 15:01
For me, the story we need to start learning how to tell in order to, as George says ‘infect the minds of people’ is that of how we really do begin to start living more sustainably on the Earth, and not just fussing around the edges like we are now. How can we, as individuals within communities have new social imaginings, how can we create new narratives for our time? We have to change how we think about ourselves and our world, can we do this through the stories we tell?
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02 November 2017, 7:53
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27 October 2017, 10:20
Sally Hughes - Update
3 years 5 months ago
<a href="/profile/sally-hughes/status-update-sally-hughes-1509095570">Margaret Heffernan: Forget the pecking order at work</a>

Organizations are often run according to "the superchicken model," where...

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24 October 2017, 18:06
Sally Hughes
23 October 2017, 12:00
In the busyness of everyday life, making time for creative practice can end up low on the list of priorities. After a day at the laptop I find it challenging to motivate myself to create, and then in my own time I am a pro at procrastination. I motivate myself by promising to take at least one tiny step, and I usually succeed. In fact, the tiny step I take tends to lead to greater things.
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20 October 2017, 16:04
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02 November 2017, 7:25