Female, Daventry, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, birthday 25th April
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Yorkshire lass who grew up in York but was born in Seattle, Washington, USA.  Have dual nationality, very useful when you get of a plane full of Brits, no queuing at Immigration.

Married, two adult chidren, one of each.  

Lived in lots of places, York, Scotland, Hampshire twice and now in Braunston. 


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Take a walk in the park day


Computer work making you a sloth, need more exercise, get out on the streets, countryside, hills, mountains and take in some of our glorious fresh air, fill your lungs, great for your health and wellbeing.

Are you one of those people who just sit around all day at the computer, laptop or other internet enabled device?  If your work means you need to be online all day this can be a bit difficult to avoid.   However, because this is what I do all day I make sure that every day at some point I take myself out for a walk,  Think I need a dog, or maybe offer a dog walking service.!  

I am fortunate enough to live near some lovely countryside and a canal which enables me to get out, stretch my legs and generally take in the air.  Trouble is I do get a bit bored with the same scenery so should maybe venture out somewhere in the car and walk from there.  

Walking is fantastic exercise, far better than the gym, fresh air is far better than the sweaty environment of the gym. I hate the gym as you may have gleaned from the last statement!

Just think of the places you could explore on your daily walk.  Drive in a different direction each day or take the bus or train and go and explore. 

Where are your favourite walks? 



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