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Formally a jazz/folk Vocalist, actor and Composer with radical roots in world protest music, I’ve now dedicated this decade to creating a sustainable eco retreat in Mid Devon. I’ve realised the dream can only come alive by trying to live it. Selgars Mill is aiming to be a Creative centre where the muse Nor only visits but commands new work. The Mill can be many things to many people but at its heart it needs to feel like a sanctuary for weary activists, and and an inspiration to the new vanguard who are shaking
things up. We all need a safe place to plot against the status quo, whilst refreshing our spirits and sharing our resources. We have to intersperse our activities with commercial bookings to keep the books balanced so welcome site bookings from personal enquirers alongside a warm welcome to those who need some of what we have. We can promise you music, food and a warm welcome in return for your input. Our massive organic kitchen garden sustains us and the rare wildlife who make a home here enchant us but it is bloody hard work and we’d like help. Message me if any of this is of interest or if you feel you could help us achieve our lofty aims. Some dreams do come true.


Key Skills





The possibility of rebellion.
Music - real folk with true soul and meaning
My dog
The truth, that so often comes from the mouths of babes.
What’s for dinner and who’s coming to share it.


Actor with Kneehigh Theatre
Singer with various bands composer of righteous anthems
Teacher and choir leader
Founder member and MD of Songlines Choir
World Music coordinator Eadt London School ans Hackney Community College
Occupy activist
Citizenship workshop leader
Cook and hostess at Selgars Mill
Dreamer and do-er


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