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Female, , birthday 9th April
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Born in East London....great sense of humour....Always greatly inspired by love of music has kept me going through life......All kinds from rock, punk late70s to dance music .I ran a successful secondhand clothing/accessories business for26yrs in london markets including Portebello road, Camden,Greenwich & spitafields market...clubbed In the 80s & went shoom ing with danny rampling, Ibiza then grinded to a halt in 1991 `ish`...something was missing, I was missing!!!??Needed to go inward & retrieve myself. In 1993 I went on a`spiritual journey`& eventually trained as a Kundalini yoga/meditation instructor in 1995-98.. I taught on level 1trainings in france,spain & co-run a training in london. In 2009 I did short stays WWoofing in Devon, dorset & Scotland ..In 2010 I moved to Erraid a hebridean island part of the findhorn foundation to experience a different way of living for 9months & returned a different person. ..Unfortunatly I also contracted Lyme disease ..I spent a month at Lammas off grid in Wales in setup phase..lived in Damanhur, Esoteric community in Italy for 3months [magic school/ temples,think harry potter doctor who etc..journey onward...] In 2015 I spent 6months in KL Malaysia volunteering for tibetan buddhists. decided on a zen week in ireland. Im passionate about community living/building through teaching....I`m connected & working with spirit, very practical & organised mostly & responsible & reliable....always finding ways in which to improve myself and also others...Ahhh humanity we have much to work on- me included! I never give up hope lightly........I live near nature, by the sea on a houseboat....I Am gregarious individual...outgoing,leadership qualities & pioneering adventurous Meeting other likeminded people....STILL healing the Lyme with diet and i trained sometime in 2012 and lived at the kushi institute beckett USA studying the levels 1,2 & 3 in macrobiotic cooking health for 3months which i absolutly loved.. Its a fascinating study with immense depth,! Now moving towards passionately wanting to care for the planet......Recently visited Pachamama an eco community in guancaste, costa rica...april 2019, intreasting a lot of sweat and blood gone into this amazing 500acre former cattle ranch. set up by tyohar and his fellow journeyman from israel. I meet some cool people ,one of which tells me he comes and goes every three months for immigration purposes and possible to get fell in love with the country..stunning wildlife & very hot/humid.....aim to return!


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Great spiritual masters, Music....THE EARTH in all her beauty..was amazing planet we live on....Nature, the sea, animals & their purity & Truth never ceases to amaze.........Simplicity!
travel but i need to remain still presently..........Places like Nepal...Tibet, India...the desert, the Oceans......the seas
LOve music, i have very wide taste but am particular what i listen to.


slowly developing my own yoga ANGelfire. Vinyasa flow intreasted me now as more freedom to create! PR & liaison Officer fir KYTA yoga association 1999-2006
founder & owner of vintage clothing business in londons portebello, camden, spitafields markets for 26yrs 1985- 2008.