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Working with freelancers and creatives of all kinds, help them create the success they want, making work they love:

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I've been a writer and editor all of my working life: editor of The Face, the Observer magazine, author of several books. But my passion now is long, interesting conversations as a life coach, helping other creatives express themselves fully and authentically.


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Long walks
More books
Dancing like a loon
Dinners and drinks with friends
Books again
Yup, more music.


Freelance writer, life coach and media/performance coach at

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Sheryl Garratt
2 March 2020, 17:59
One of Britain's best-known artists on creative routines, meditation as a tool, and what he does with work that doesn't yet.. work.
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25 February 2020, 12:09
Sheryl Garratt
24 February 2020, 22:06
A free 10-day course for creatives who are freelance, self-employed, or thinking about setting up their own business. Ten foundations to put in place so that you can thrive, and your business can grow.
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28 February 2020, 13:13
Sheryl Garratt
24 February 2020, 21:58
Deborah Alma is the Emergency Poet, travelling the UK in an ambulance and offering consultations in which she prescribes a poem for whatever ails you. She's now opened a magical poetry shop in Shropshire, a testament to what can be done when passion, stubbornness and resourcefulness are applied to dreams.
Sheryl Garratt
15 May 2019, 16:51
What Tarantino learned from his first film failure – and you can, too.
Sheryl Garratt
10 May 2019, 17:01
Ten lessons we can all learn from the life of Bryan
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10 May 2019, 18:23
Sheryl Garratt
10 May 2019, 16:35
Latest in my series talking to creatives about work routines, life lessons, inspiration
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07 April 2018, 7:19
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20 May 2016, 10:07
Sheryl Garratt
19 May 2016, 17:30
Wondering what to do with that summer glut of courgettes? This crunchy courgette pickle keeps for months in the fridge, and is both delicious and easy. It looks particularly good with layers of green and yellow courgettes. It's great with salmon and nearly all cold meats.
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20 May 2016, 10:07
Sheryl Garratt
19 May 2016, 16:30
This pickled cucumber recipe is a quick and easy, and keeps for a while in the fridge. It's brilliant with poached salmon or cold beef, with a lovely sweet, gingery crunch. We came upon it when we had a glut of cucumbers in the greenhouse last year, but we've bought cucumbers in the winter since to make it again. It's on the BBC's food website, so clip it while you can.