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Glamping in Surrey


Magical time last weekend in a hidden Surrey woodland to celebrate my friend's upcoming marriage. I don't like the term 'glamping', but this cluster of cute shepherd's huts in a bluebell wood certainly offered a taste of the great outdoors with all your creature comforts thrown in. Hot showers, hammocks, a fragrant compost loo with fresh flowers and scent sticks, plus barbeques, a big fire pit and lots of firewood provided. There is also a large central straw bale building with gas hobs, running water and room to seat 20 for dinner comfortably. Best of all, there no neighbours to disturb, and there were proper beds and duvets plus wood-burning stoves in every hut when the drinking and dancing got too much. 

It's called The Green Escape, and if you're a big group, the price is very reasonable. Some of us walked up to the nearby Leith Hill Tower on the Saturday afternoon, through beautiful rhododendron woods up to a view that was almost God-like: on a clearer day, you can apparently see the sea in one direction, London in the other. 




Sandra Ashford

Not a fan of camping myself but this does look rather lovely. I need a clean comfortable bed and a shower. Happy to leave the hair straighteners at home and go with wild hair. A small price to pay for some beautiful scenery and a peaceful environment in which to unwind.

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